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Renting Designer Bags with Wardrobe

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. This means I make a commission from your purchases when clicking my links. If you use them, I can buy more items to share with you guys! Please note that I only recommend things that I personally love! As for you, there is no higher price or charge for using my links! Any partnerships shared with brand will be disclosed in blog post if existing. Happy shopping! 😊

I bought my first purse back in 6th grade. It was a bright yellow crossbody made out of cloth from Claire’s! I remember people wearing designer bags like Louis Vuitton and always thought to myself I will probably never be able to try any bag beyond Claire’s and department stores. Currently, the most expensive bag I have is a Kate Spade bag. As a college student, this bag is the most affordable designer bag I can own. Lucky for me in Spring 2021 I was renting designer bags with Wardrobe! This way I could try out all the designer bags I want at an affordable price!

What is Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is a peer-to-peer marketplace focused on renting luxury items. Let’s say I owned a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag. I could join Wardrobe as a lender to lend out my bag to other people and I would get a commission from lending my bag. Then someone like you can rent the bag from me. Wardrobe handles all the shipping, dry cleaning, and customer service so the lender and renter never actually communicate with each other.

The best part about Wardrobe is that they’re focused on sustainability, this is why they use lenders to supply their inventory so we create less waste. We’re not throwing out our stuff anymore instead we’re renting it! They also deliver your items for rental in a box that’s designed to be used to ship the items back as well for 2-way shipping.

My story with Wardrobe

I came across Wardrobe as I signed up for the campus ambassador program on LinkedIn and luckily I was accepted! At first, I was so nervous to be representing Wardrobe as I never dealt with luxury items before but it truly was an honor! I had the opportunity to meet with Team Wardrobe and their team was always super friendly and helpful to me!

In this blog post, I will be sharing some designer bags I have rented through Wardrobe and whether I would consider purchasing them in the future or not. Although Wardrobe also rents out clothes I only chose to rent designer bags. (and a Gucci belt because I couldn’t help myself!) I only rented designer bags because I have always been fascinated by them more than designer clothing. Also since we’re still in a pandemic I wouldn’t be going out so that’s why I only rented bags.

Renting Louis Vuitton Bags

The Louis Vuitton tote bag featured above was the first bag that I rented with Wardrobe. I was able to rent this bag for 4 days at a price of $28.75. You can rent any item for a longer duration but the price will be more, that’s why I generally order for 4 days. The retail price of this bag is $1285. This bag did have signs of wear on it towards the bottom so I recommend reading the reviews before you rent. This bag doesn’t seem to be on the platform anymore, I believe it was taken off the platform for this reason.

This is the Louis Vuitton Top Handle bag I rented from Wardrobe. Surprisingly I liked this bag more than the other one. It had a very secure and sturdy structure to it so the bag was still in great shape! This purse paired beautifully with my trench coat! I rented this bag for 10 days for $41.95. The bag retails for $2000. While both of these bags were great I would not purchase these bags. I do admire Louis Vuitton but I feel like their iconic brown colors don’t speak to my personal style.

Renting this Prada Black Leather Bag

This Prada bag was one of my favorites! I rented this for 4 days for $35.75 and it retails for $2350. I love the combination of black and gold but Prada is not the brand that comes to mind when I think of. But I do really love this bag and I would definitely consider purchasing it in a different color! This was a quite large bag and could fit a bunch of stuff in it. I can see this being used as a bag you would take to work. It’s really well built and sturdy too. I would love to own a pink and gold bag from Prada! There wasn’t a proper name for this on Wardrobe but from my research, I believe it’s the Medium Prada Galleria Saffiano leather bag. Prada is well known for its saffiano leather. Saffiano leather is basically leather that has a cross-hatch finish almost like little squares.

Renting a RED Valentino Bag

I got the RED Valentino Light Pink Bow Clutch to celebrate Valentine’s day! Valentino is notorious for their bows which is something I learned recently! This was a cute design and very simple but I wished the color was more bright. The color of this was quite washed out, but I think that’s the natural color of this clutch. I rented this for 10 days for $27.75 and it retails for $300. I was not a fan of this clutch at all. It wasn’t until I rented this that I realized RED Valentino is not the same as Valentino. Valentino is a well-known luxury brand whereas this brand is supposed to be a sister brand that is less expensive than Valentino. However, this RED Valentino line is just bad and I think they should just discontinue it. They try to recreate a cheaper version of their high-end bags and when you compare them the RED version just looks terrible! The bag doesn’t look any better on its own, so lesson here is skip the RED line and just go for a Valentino next time.

Renting a Designer Balenciaga Bag

Here’s the Balenciaga Small Leather Tote! I rented this for $28.75 for four days and my favorite part of this bag is its color! It retails for $1250 and has made me a fan of Balenciaga! I would love to find a more affordable dupe of this designer bag to purchase. Based on research I believe the official name for this is the Mini Papier Bag in Lilac.

Renting a Designer YSL Bag

The Red β€œKate” Patent Leather Bag is what I rented from Wardrobe! Unfortunately, they didn’t have any black and gold YSL bags which is a bag I have always dreamed of but this red one was still great! This rental was $35.74 for 4 days! I love how the bag had a bit of a shiny finish to it and came with an adorable tassel! The inside of the bag was also very simple so you can store a few essentials like a phone and a lip balm. The retail value of this bag is $2350. For me, I would consider purchasing this bag if it were under $2000 which I’m sure you can find if you get a good deal. YSL is the first brand that comes to mind when I think of the perfect red bag and I think this combination of red and gold is beautiful!

Renting a Designer Chanel 2.55 Classic Quilted Flap Bag

The Chanel bag has always been a dream bag for me to own, and I know I’m not the only one. The bag was not too big and not too small, giving you that perfect size for the purse. I’m holding it by my hand in this photo but it does come with a chain to wear on your shoulder. This bag was $42.75 to rent for four days and originally retails for $3500. Since this bag is one of those dream bags of mine I would buy it regardless of the price!

Renting an Alexander McQueen Bag

I rented the Alexander McQueen Kelly Green Structured Bag for $26.25 for four days. This is said to retail for $900. I love the color of this bag, I feel like it’s a very mature green and gives you a much more of a sophisticated look. This was a bit tricky to style since it’s a very unique color but I think I pulled it off well. Overall I liked this bag and I would consider purchasing it because of that sophisticated look it has to it!

BONUS: Renting a Gucci Belt!

The Gucci belt has also been one of those dream items for me to own! I absolutely loved it! It makes such a bold statement. (and keeps my pants from falling down πŸ˜› just kidding!) At first, I thought the Gucci belt looked just like a normal belt when I held it in my hands and I didn’t feel like it was special anymore, but the minute I saw it on myself in the mirror I was blown away! The Gucci belt is also very versatile and can be worn on a variety of outfits! The Gucci belt really brings out the beauty of black and gold together! I rented the Gucci belt for $22.95 for four days and its retail price is $450. This is something I would definitely consider purchasing in the future I have always loved wearing belts growing up and I think this Gucci belt is one of a kind when it comes to making statements through a belt.

Are luxury bags worth it?

I have heard that luxury bags are more about status and marketing than actual quality but I think it’s a lot more than that. Are these bags that I would use for everyday use? No, because these are gems and they’re precious! I would want to be more careful with them which is certainly something that’s hard to maintain as part of everyday life. Could I commit to making a luxury bag part of my every day? Yes, I think I can if I wanted to! There are definitely some bags out there that are more functional for everyday life than others but you would still want to be careful so you don’t damage them. I think at the end of the day luxury bags look great on camera and add more pizzazz to your outfit! I feel like every brand has a story of its own and these bags are all unique in their own ways. These bags do come with responsibility in terms of maintenance and making sure you keep them safe and stored well.

Overall I think that if fashion is something you’re passionate about like me then you should definitely invest in a luxury bag. One of my dreams is to go to Europe on a shopping spree and buy a collection of bags from different brands! Most luxury name handbags come from European brands so they tend to be slightly cheaper there. And also it’s just a fun experience! I feel like every brand has a story of its own and these bags are all unique in their own ways.

Overall Thoughts on Wardrobe

I really enjoyed renting bags with Wardrobe! I wish we weren’t in a pandemic so I could have worn these beautiful bags out of the house! This has also fascinated me with luxury bags! The only negative thing I could think about for Wardrobe is that they don’t have every purse I could think of, but their collection is growing every day as more lenders join the platform so they probably will end up having every bag you can think of. I really like their idea of being a lender so you can make money with them, it seems like a great side hustle and a good excuse to buy more clothes and handbags! Hopefully, once I have a nice handbag collection I will be able to be a lender on the platform.