October Update #wardrobemakeover

Cheers to the first month of my journey! And it didn’t go so well… Here’s basically what happened. I cheated the no buying clothes rule. Bought jeans from American Eagle, a top and a dress from Forever 21 and a dress from Francesca’s. And I bought a denim jacket from Kohls. As well as a trench coat from New York and Co and camis from Forever 21, which I don’t count as part of my wardrobe but in the end, they are still clothing. All of these were bought online and I felt like cheating since it was like a birthday present plus it’s cold outside! Also Forever 21’s free shipping deals were way too tempting I don’t know why I have never seen them do that with no minimum but I have seen it thrice this month!

I took OOTDs for most of the month but then I quit because it felt kinda pointless as my style was pretty much the same because it’s cold! So I think I will do the OOTDs once it’s warmer, which will take a while.

I have four pairs of jeans but none of them fit well as I got skinner! So I was like anti-jean for three weeks which I actually managed quite well with leggings and pants but eventually, it got too cold! I bought ripped jeans from American Eagle for $20 (more than I usually spend) and I love them! I think this was a good purchase that I can wear until the snow kicks in. I may have to cheat again and buy more jeans or manage my old jeans with belts. But I realized there is a huge difference in the comfort of jeans when you buy the right size. If I get another long coat apart from the trench I have then I could manage with no new jeans.

Overall the online shopping is what made it easier to cheat and I kept getting coupons since it was like birthday month! And once I broke that rule I kinda just kept breaking it. So now that the month is basically over I’m gonna start the clock over for that rule. The last date of my clothing purchase was October 24th. Let’s see how long I can last! I think actually telling myself not to buy clothes is what is making it harder than it needs to be. I can still buy makeup and stuff to distract myself 😛 It also will be getting colder next month and I will hopefully go out more since it’s like the holidays! I only went out once for my birthday apart from going to school so I didn’t actually get to “dress up” it was more like what does my hand pick out of my closet today.

Here are pictures of the clothes I got and will be keeping.

We still got a long way to go on our journey! Hopefully, the next month won’t be such a long post I was actually surprised that I had a lot to talk about!

Not pictured Denim Jacket and Trench Coat

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