My 2019 Clothing Closet

So here’s the summary of October 2018-September 2019 or we can just say high school senior year! The brands in the second bar chart are all the brands I have purchased items from this year. Here’s the link to last year’s 2018 wardrobe if you want to compare! I spent over $760 on clothing this year (lost the receipt for five clothing items).

I survived two months this year without buying any clothes these months were: January and April

I would say overall the types of items I owned remain pretty much the same from last year. I’m so proud of myself from trying out different brands and just not shopping at Forever 21! (no wonder it’s going bankrupt)

Spending Patterns:
I spent an average of $21.60 on bottoms. $28.98 average on dresses. And an average of $13.70 on tops.
I’m clearly investing way more money on clothing items than I did last year. Which I think is good because personally I feel happier with the items I own now, plus they’re better quality so they are lasting longer.

I definitely did a lot of downsizing to my wardrobe by getting rid of a lot of clothing items. I just put them in boxes to sell for now. I will probably donate whatever doesn’t sell.

I’m gonna press pause on this wardrobe series for the rest of this year. I want the 2020 series to start from January so let’s just excuse the next three months as a wardrobe break!

Here’s the rules I set last year for my wardrobe makeover:

  • No more buying new clothes until June 1st! (not sure how good I will be at following this one) This did not happen but I at least was successful for 2 months!
  • Try to maximize wearing all my clothes throughout the year. Take OOTDs daily. (I will be using the app Snapsie for this) Again, did not happen I have no clue what I was thinking!
  • Deal with size issues! (A lot of my clothes have become too loose for me lately) I solved this by going for XS and reading descriptions more carefully. Actually trying in clothes in stores!
  • I will be posting a monthly update on my progress. Definitely did this!

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