My 2018 Clothing Closet

So I basically analyzed my wardrobe to see what it looked like statistically and I know that might sound really boring, but I think it’s really cool to have a clear breakdown of your wardrobe so you can understand what it truly is as opposed to showing you guys millions of pictures of every clothing item. This wardrobe does not consist of my shoes, pajamas, jackets, outerwear, undergarments, accessories, jewelry or basically anything not listed is not being analyzed.

The Item Type Breakdown 

Here are the quantities of items: Tops=58, Jeans=4, Leggings=9, Shorts=9, Skirts=9, Pants=4, Dresses=17

I was actually quite surprised at how many tops I had in comparison to bottoms. Another thing that surprised me as to how I had 9 leggings, 9 shorts and 9 skirts which ended up being a mere coincidence. And it seems I had more dresses than I thought I had. By the way, I use an app called GlamOutfit to digitize my wardrobe so it’s easier to count and analyze like this.

Color breakdown

This one was actually really hard. There are so many colors out there and it was tough to choose between is this mint color a green or a blue. How can a wine color top be in the red category? What color is this shirt actually? Am I just making everything purple go to the blue category because I love blue? With clothes never being that perfect color and having so many variants of colors on clothing this breakdown was a mess. I decided to just choose basic colors and force myself to pick the dominant color. Which may have caused me to be bias based on my favorable colors. But here’s the emoji tally chart I made for all my tops.

Brand breakdown

I knew Forever 21 was going to be the winner! I just had no clue how much it dominated my collection. Forever 21 is a great store because they do have some of the best prices but I think if I tried other brands to mix up my wardrobe I would be a lot happier. My Forever 21 clothes are kinda worn out and not the best in terms of quality.

Spending Patterns

The following data is from making a list of items and their prices on an excel sheet based off of receipts I found in my inbox. Most of my shopping is online anyways so our data won’t be off by too much. My average spendings were a lot less than I expected, I guess Forever 21 is to thank for that. Do note I also buy a lot of clearance and sale items which is what keeps my average costs so low.

Average spent on a top: $6.14

Average spent on bottoms: $5.49

Average spent on a dress: $10.09