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Mejuri Review

Hi Darlings! In this blog post, I will be sharing my review of the jewelry company Mejuri. I first discovered this brand through TikTok and decided to explore it more. After exploring Mejuri more I thought it was a fabulous brand for me to check out so I decided to give it a try. The concept behind Mejuri is fine jewelry for everyday wear which resonated with me because I always disliked jewelry being for special occasions. In middle school, Claire’s was my favorite shop and I would wear earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet every day. I stopped wearing expensive jewelry daily because part of my gold earring fell off! It had a bit of a hanging part to the earring and the part just disappeared somehow. Since then I haven’t been wearing expensive earrings regularly but I do want to wear jewelry more often again. And I need something that’s not Claire’s because I’m too old for that now! 😛

mejuri box and earrings

Is Mejuri Legit?

You might be asking yourself this question if you have never heard of it like me but after ordering from them I can tell you it is legit. They also have stores across America. Hopefully one day I will go to the one near me in Boston to share with you my in-store experience.

Shopping Online

When I went to their online site I was looking for earrings that I could wear every day and also comfortably sleep in. (although it’s not recommended to!) So I decided to buy the Single Mini Hoop. This was one of their cheapest items as the mini hoop is only $35. This was the item I chose because it seemed simple enough for daily wear and comfortable to sleep in. I also liked how it was 14k solid gold because it will last longer and has potential resale value.

Going back to my shopping experience I ordered the mini hoop and then I got free shipping because they have free shipping on all orders which is spectacular! And I found a discount through a Mejuri ambassador on Instagram. I just searched some posts with Mejuri-related hashtags and was able to find a discount code through the link in bio.

Mejuri Warranty

Their website says they do a two-year warranty when you purchase from them. The warranty covers any damage or workmanship issues with the piece. But the warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, scratches, or lost items. It also doesn’t cover improper use/storage or any 3rd party modifications. After reading this it feels like the warranty is kind of pointless. They aren’t covering a lot of issues and it looks like the only stuff they really cover are more immediate problems you may find with the jewelry.

Mejuri Return Policy

Mejuri allows you to return for free for up to 60 days. However, their return policy has certain rules so I recommend reading their return policy carefully.

Mejuri Earrings

So I should have known this but I was expecting a pair of earrings in my order to my surprise there was only one earring which explained why it was a “single” hoop. I ended up having to order another earring so my total was more than $60. I struggled to get these to open a lot when I first got them. So I contacted Mejuri and they sent me a video on how to open the earring. Once I got the hang of it there was no longer an issue with it. You basically need to pull it open near the opening and then click it together.

Here’s a TikTok I made with the earrings.

I used to wear these everyday at first and never take them off. However, I found that my left ear was starting to get irritated with it. It seemed to be dry skin because the earring was hugging my skin pretty tight. There are no issues with my right ear. I think that my left ear is a little bigger and has the piercing higher so there’s more skin. I have had no issues now that I take them off at the end of the day but I do miss being able to wear them daily and never take them off. Since these hoops are pretty small I recommend them more for people with smaller ears or kids. But they are nice for adults too just remember to take them off at the end of the day.

Mejuri Review Conclusion

I haven’t tried any other jewelry companies other than Baublebar so I have nothing to compare them to. Baublebar is very fun and in my opinion a grown-up Claire’s so I can’t compare it to this. Overall I feel like Mejuri is good and I would consider shopping from them again. The big hoops have caught my eye and I plan on saving up for them. I did wish they offered 18K gold but that seems to be rare in the U.S. It would also be cool if they had rose gold options. But overall definitely worth it and meets expectations for everyday wear. I will be updating my Mejuri Review as I buy more pieces so follow me on Instagram for more!