It’s time for a wardrobe makeover! #wardrobemakeover

The last time I bought a clothing item was August 12th, 2018 and after that, I decided I just couldn’t deal with my wardrobe anymore. I had around 60 tops and tons of other stuff but still didn’t like anything that I owned. So here’s what I decided! I’m going to give myself a wardrobe makeover. Now it’s not gonna happen overnight! My goal is to love my wardrobe by December 31st, 2019. I feel like a year and almost a half will be the perfect amount of time to make a drastic change and difference. And I will be sharing my story here with you guys and we can see how successful this mission is 🙂

So here is my plan at the moment.

RULES/PLAN (effective October 1st, 2018!) — Until June 1st (8 months!)

  • No more buying new clothes until June 1st! (not sure how good I will be at following this one)
  • Try to maximize wearing all my clothes throughout the year. Take OOTDs daily.  (I will be using the app Snapsie for this)
  • Deal with size issues! (A lot of my clothes have become too loose for me lately)
  • I will be posting a monthly update on my progress.

If you wanna join me on this wardrobe makeover journey feel free to do so and share your progress with me!

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