Hat Craze! 👒

The perfect accessory to top of any outfit is well a hat! Today I will be showing you guys my hat collection!

Most of my hats are fedoras as you can see but they all come in different colors. All of my hats are from Claires except for the purple one (hat #6) which is from Ayesha.

Out of them all I would have to say the simple fedora (hat #3) is my all time favorite. This hat was the first I got out of all of them and goes perfectly with anything as the color is quite neutral. I often add a big flower clip to the hat of matching color with my outfit. 🙂

The first hat is perfect to wear on a sunny day as it has a wide rim. And it reminds me of Hawaii! The second hat is fun to wear casually or mix up with other prints. Hat #3 like I mentioned is my favorite! Hat #4 is perfect to wear with a pretty yet simple dress or anything fancy. Makes you feel like a princess. 😉 The fifth hat is bold and stand out from your outfit. And finally the last purple hat is the only hat that I have of it’s own color. What I like about this is the color is not to bold so it can be worn with anything that complements it’s shade, or you can mix it up a bit and wear it in contrast to the colors of your outfit.


  • Pick something unique to your collection or something that varies
  • If you don’t have a collection start off with something simple and neutral like my favorite hat.
  • Find a hat that works with a certain outfit you have
  • Have fun with it after all it’s just a hat!

Well those are my 6 best friends! Have a hat that you truly love? Share a picture of you wearing your favorite hat with #spectaculargirl. Let me know what you think in the comments below!