DIY Disney Princess Halloween Costumes

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Halloween costumes look amazing! But they’re also expensive and are kind of pointless because chances are you are never gonna wear that costume again. So here’s some DIY Disney Princess Halloween Costumes that I put together with clothing ideas you can buy online or if you’re lucky find in your own closet!

cinderella's castle at walt disney world orlando, florida

Princess Merida from Brave Costume

Forest green is the color that screams Merida! She’s brave and courageous! All you need to dress up like her is some curly, orange hair a forest green dress, and a bow and arrow!

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

So I couldn’t find any bandeau bras in the mint color that Jasmine wears but I did find these dresses that kind of emulate the Jasmine look.

Princess Snow White

Yellow, blue, and a dash of red! That’s all you need to be the perfect Snow White.

Tinkerbell from Peter Pan

The Disney Fairy/Princess is an easy one to pull off! All you need is a little pixie dust, a green dress like this and some wings!

Princess Rapunzel Costume

If you naturally have long hair then this is the perfect costume for you! If you don’t then you can grab a wig for the day! Go for a pretty purple dress like this to be Rapunzel!

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

A deep pink dress fits quite right for Princess Aurora. Although this dress isn’t full sleeved like Aurora’s dress it still has that Aurora pink color.

Princess Cinderella

Don’t forget the pumpkin carriage and your mice friends!

Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Here’s a pretty yellow dress to look like Belle! Not full sleeved but still seals the deal.

Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

Here are some Virtual Halloween Party Ideas! If you have any more ideas you would like me to add to the list be sure to let me know in the comments. This list consists of a variety of ideas for all ages so hopefully, you will find something that appeals to you.

If you’re the host of a Virtual Halloween Party then plan out a time that works out for everyone. You can ask a few of your guests what time works for them and then send an inviation to the guest.

  • Ghost Stories! Turn off all the lights and have only one person tell a ghost story with a flashlight on their face.
  • Have a Watch Party with a Halloween Movie– Nothing beats a good Halloween party, grab some candy and get watching! Some of my favorite Halloween movies that are not that scary are Girl vs Monster, Frankenweenie, Ghost Busters, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Hotel Transylvania [1, 2 and 3], Monsters vs Aliens.
  • Send each other candy! This needs to be planned in advance but since Trick or Treating and in-person Halloween are cancelled having a candy exchange is a fun twist on trick or treating. You can even come up with creative ideas for this! Grab a piece of paper and tape the candy to the paper in an artistic way to make a design or write a message.
  • Get a Spooky Background! See how can decorate their walls to be the spookiest. Instead of decorating the exterior of the house for Halloween like we usually do. Try decorating your Zoom/Video Call area to be Spooktacular!
  • Halloween Costume Competition: Have your friends dress up in their best costumes and post it to their Instagram stories. Then you can vote for whose costume is the spookiest.
  • Baking Class/Cooking Class: Food is always on the table when it comes to a Halloween party. Check out if there’s any online baking class or cooking class focused around some spooky Halloween food.

Stuff you Might Want for a Virtual Halloween Party!

That’s all for DIY Disney Princess Halloween Costumes and Virtual Halloween Parties. Remember that these outfits can be worn regularly too not just as a costume. You can also use it for Disneybounding! (fashion style where you dress up like a Disney character) I tried dressing up like Donald Duck when I went to Orlando for Christmas.

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