Is the Apple Watch worth the hype?

Watches. A fancy accessory worn on your wrist just to tell time. What would anyone today ever want to do with a watch? That’s what I always wondered until I bought the Apple Watch.

I never really wore watches unless we count third grade, because well it seemed unnecessary to me to know the time when we had phones and plus I had a pretty skinny wrist. The only time I really wished that I had a watch was when I was taking the SAT or stuck in a boring presentation.

However, recently something about watches has made me wanting to get one. It felt like a style statement and it was also nice to discreetly know the time when you wanted to get out of a boring presentation. With the onset of digital watches versus analog watches I wasn’t really sure what to get.

The Apple Watch and FitBits seemed to overrated and popular for me to like. It seemed that everyone had an Apple Watch and everyone had a FitBit and I certainly didn’t want to be a part of that. The only thing that I liked about the Apple Watch was that I could change songs from it while working out (not that I work out a lot I just saw my dance teacher use it like that and it seemed nice).

Now analog watches were much more fashionable, much more unique and less expensive. Yet somehow unexpectedly I ended up buying the Apple Watch Series 3 despite not wanting a digital watch. Now I went ahead and bought mine before Black Friday because the prices for the Apple Watch Series 3 had already dropped and there wasn’t any good deals for them this Black Friday.

What I like about my Apple Watch Series 3!

  • Sleep Tracker- You can download a sleep app to track your sleep while you wear your Apple Watch when you go to bed.
  • Song Skipper- Working on those push ups and bored of the song, press skip from your Apple Watch
  • Hands-Free- You don’t need to carry your phone everywhere and you can actually watch where you’re going so you don’t crash into things. (I fell down using Google Maps on my iphone once because I wasn’t paying attention to the real world.)
  • Calls from Watch- Again when you’re walking on the road and you don’t want to be going through your phone looking for that contact just tell Siri who you want to call from your watch and then talk.
  • Pedometer- This is more accurate for tracking steps and it also gives me notifications throughout the day to tell me my activity levels.
  • Tip Calculator- Ah restaurant billing made so much easier! I don’t even think I need to explain this one.
  • Timer for Camera- I always thought of buying a remote to use the timer on my iPhone but now I don’t have to!
  • Weather- I think it’s nice to do a quick weather check before you head out.
  • Alarms- Press snooze just from your wrist without having to get out of bed!

Share features that you love about your Apple Watch with me in the comments!

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