7 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Every girl wants to look their best but sometimes there’s just so many options and opinions on how to look their best. Fortunately, I’ve compiled the best hacks for women for a stylish, sophisticated, and elegant look.

1) Picture the Outfit In Your Head

If you’re tired of making the excuse that “you have nothing to wear,” then you should stop impulse buying for clothes you see at storefronts. Before making that unnecessary purchase, think about the clothing in your head and imagine how it will fit with your current style and how it matches with all your other existing clothing. You should be able to style a piece of clothing in multiple ways. This tip also applies to accessories and shoes.

2) Go to the Right Stores

Your clothing style should showcase your personality, appropriate for your age, status, and unique body contours. For instance, women in their twenties may choose to wear light dresses that aren’t too expensive as donning a fresh look attracts attention than expensive clothing items. However, a women in their thirties might want to invest in good quality pieces with high-quality fabrics. Going for a more sophisticated and elegant style is a look well-suited for career-oriented women or mothers.

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3) Consider the price of each item

All your clothing items in your wardrobe should be worth every money that you pay for it. To determine the real price of an item, you use simple math. Divide the price of a gorgeous pair of shoes or a beautiful dress by the number of times you plan on wearing it. This is an effective method for you to avoid unnecessary spending and you will very quickly learn to purchase items that you need instead of following a trend. This method can also be used when you intend on buying other expensive things, not just clothing.

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4) Combining basic with trendy

You should know by now that timeless pieces should be present in all wardrobe. Their simple design and cut is sure to never go out of style and can be combined with practically any other pieces. Consider making basics occupy 70% of your wardrobe and the other 30% could be allotted for more trendy clothing items. Combining trends with basic pieces is a great way to keep your style fresh, modern, and bold. You should try to get two or three trendy pieces every season and you won’t need to worry about looking dated with your outfits.

5) Make sure you have the right amount of tops for your bottoms

One of the most basic rules when it comes to creating a nice wardrobe is following the ratio that for every bottom you own, you should have at least three to four tops to pair it with. It’s the top piece that makes the whole outfit look unique and different. Most people won’t notice the difference if you wear the same top with three different bottoms. They do, however, notice a difference when you wear different tops on a single bottom.

6) Feel Free to Mix Casual & Formal

The latest trends among stylists and designers alike are combining formal outfits with casual pieces a la Triss Merigold. This means that you can now wear your beautiful rhinestone earrings with ripped jeans, party pumps, and a plain shirt. A sequin skirt will match nicely with a pair of sneakers. Finish the entire look by adding a bold piece such as a leather bracelet or sunglasses.

7) Choosing the right length for skirts and dresses

Take a picture of yourself in a swimsuit/undergarments and print it. Use a sheet of paper to serve as the skirt. Move it around to see which length suits your body type best. Determine how much of your legs you want to cover. You can do the same approach by using a piece of fabric while facing the mirror. Or make stickers out of different skirts on Snapchat and try them on a picture of yourself.

Eliza Brooks
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