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FOREO Espada Review

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This product was gifted to me by FOREO but this FOREO Espada review was created with my own interest. During the summer my skin tends to break out the most! I got two painful pimples on my face at the end of May while I was on my period. That’s why I decided to give the FOREO Espada a try! You can also check out my other ways to get rid of pimples.

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FOREO Espada

Foreo Espada pink in its boxed packaging

The FOREO Espada is a blue light device that works to treat acne. It’s been approved by the FDA. The device kills acne-causing bacteria through its blue light which helps to get rid of pimples and blemishes. It uses T-sonic pulsations with blue light. The Espada is a targeted treatment so it treats a small area at a time. If you have multiple areas on your face you want to treat then you will need to treat these areas of your skin separately.

The device is 100% waterproof and comes in three different colors: pink, cobalt blue, and magenta. I own the pink version as I loved this color!

The blue light only turns on when it’s in contact with your skin to protect your eyes from it. I have tried fooling the device by putting the product on surfaces like a table. However, it didn’t fall for my tricks! I’m not sure how this technology works to only activate when on the skin but it definitely works. It comes with a 30-second timer for the treatment. So you will know exactly when to move on to another blemish or turn it off.

They say you can treat the same area up to four times in one treatment. I generally only do it once or at most twice. You can use the device up to three times a day. I find myself using it in the morning and night. But if it’s a very bad blemish I will sneak in a mid-day treatment.

Although it’s a great device, please note that it’s not for everyone. The product is only recommended for those with mild to moderate acne. While it’s a great tool it does have its own restrictions and warnings. So please read the manual to make sure you use it correctly.

FOREO Blackheads

So this product claims to get rid of blackheads too. I have used it a few times on the nose and I didn’t see any change. Then again I probably didn’t use it enough but the device was uncomfortable to use on the nose so I wouldn’t bother trying. I have had no issues on the rest of my face but because of the bones in the nose, it just makes it uncomfortable to use. Also, you would have to use this several times to cover all the blackheads on your nose which is extremely time-consuming and in my opinion not worth it. But just because it can’t get rid of blackheads it’s not a bad product. It certainly works well for other blemishes. FOREO should probably make a separate device for blackheads.

FOREO Espada

the description on the back of the foreo espada packing
Back of FOREO Espada packaging
the key features explained on the side of foreo espada's packaging
Side of FOREO Espada Packaging

How to Use FOREO Espada

Click the button on Espada to turn it on then the red light will come. With the red light aim where your blemish is and place the device directly on the skin. Wait for the device to work its magic. Then once it’s done you will hear it stop so you can turn it off or use it on a different area on your face. To turn off Espada just hold the button for a few seconds. Espada can’t be operated from your FOREO phone app but it’s pretty simple to use since there’s only one main function for the device.

My Review of FOREO Espada

Here’s my honest FOREO Espada review with the pros and cons. This product is very straightforward and simple to use. There is no stinging or burning from it. It’s very gentle and just makes vibrating sounds from the T-sonic sounds. The product was very gentle and there were just vibrations that you could feel.

Has my acne completely gone away with regular use of this product? No, I still get pimples so this product will not get rid of your acne. But what this product can do is get rid of one pimple at a time. I have seen a huge improvement in treating my pimples with this. It’s especially helpful when I see a pimple on the rise that hasn’t come to the surface. Personally, I have found this product to be a good team when used in conjunction with a spot treatment like The Inkey List’s Succinic Acid or First Aid Beauty FAB Pharma Spot Treatment.

I generally use this device twice a day so the charging lasts about a month for me since it’s supposed to last 50 uses. It doesn’t take a long time to charge but there’s no way of knowing how much battery is in it or left. I wish they had a feature to tell you the amount of battery through the app but unfortunately, there’s nothing.

As I mentioned earlier It’s also a bit uncomfortable to use around the nose area. The device doesn’t exactly fit well on the side of the nose and because of the bones around the nose it feels weird when it vibrates. Apart from those two complaints, I think it’s a fabulous product and it’s totally a staple in my skincare routine. So if you’re someone with mild acne like me and are sick of treating pimples then I definitely recommend you try this. It is pricy but it will be worth it after the endless number of times you use this product.

FOREO Espada Charging

The device needs to charge for 1.5 hours and it comes with the standard FOREO USB charger. When it’s charging you will see the light on the bottom of the Espada continuously blinking but when it’s done it will stop blinking and it will just glow. You can tell your Espada needs charging when the light on the bottom keeps flashing.

And that’s it for my FOREO Espada review! If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram and be sure to follow me there for more spectacular stuff!