Post MY Busy Vacation Summer 2019: A Skin Rehab

64 nights away from home! With so many people, places and possessions to experience, enjoy and acquire. With all these new discoveries and adventures I went on I completely forgot about the one thing I love the most: skincare!

Now some people can get away with doing absolutely nothing to their face. However, I’m the type of person that pulls the fire alarm if I get a pimple. And getting rid of those pimples in 6th grade is what started by growing obsession with skincare and having perfect skin. Thus leading to a longer and more intensifying skin care regimen as the days go by.

Now typically I have a skincare routine that I mostly religiously follow. The only time I break it is when I don’t have time in the morning or I’m too lazy/exhausted at night.

Here’s a link to my typical routine:

Now as you can tell my rule breakers are usually time and exhaustion which is what happened to me all the time when I was away from home. Which lead to soo many breakouts and pimples and irritation and now that I’m back home I just want to all go away!

So now that we’re back home it’s important to get back to the regular climate, diet, lifestyle, exercise, water and everything that we’re used to. And then making sure we are regular with our skin care.

A few little extra things is extra TLC to ourselves. I added in a facial mist to my facial skincare to add a little extra to it. Plus wash your makeup brushes! I brought all my makeup brushes and their cleaning supplies with me while traveling but I didn’t take the time to wash them at all. Sanitize all your stuff as well things may be infected from the travel and affecting your face. Also take skin progress pictures everyday to see how your skin is improving!

Hope your skin rehab goes well! Take care and let me know if you have any tips in the comments.