Sephora Shopping Tips for Shoppers!

Sephora the land of luxurious makeup and everything you could dream of! But it’s also not the best place for your bank account. Here are the best ways that you can save and get the most out of your trips! Gotta get that Sephora SALE!

  1. Shop April and December, November Special Weeks! Sephora gives out a coupon to their beauty insiders, VIBs, and Rogues during usually the second week of these months. In April 2018 beauty insiders got 10% off and VIBs and Rogues got 15% off. December you usually get like 15 off 75 for Insiders and higher benefits for other tiers, which is a bigger discount than other times but you do have to spend more to get that big discount.
  2. Buy Weekly Wows! If there is a product out there that you love and it becomes a weekly wow then go for it! These are the best deals that Sephora has to offer and they change every Thursday so always check to see if there’s something you like. Products in the past have been discounted 50% off under weekly wows. Update: Sephora has currently discontinued this offer but said they will bring this back in the future.
  3. Become a VIB or Rouge!  VIBs get better coupons during events and they also get a 10% off coupon when they qualify for this membership. (Spend 350+ in a calendar year)
  4. Buy gift cards during bonus gift card times During Mother’s day Sephora did an offer where you could buy a 100 dollar gift card for your mom and get a 20 dollar gift card for yourself, so it’s like 20% off!

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