Multi Color Block Nails 💅

Hey! It’s Spectacular Girl. And today I’m presenting my multi-color block nails! Color blocking is a very cute and trendy fashion these days. So I have decided to do a multicolor block nail art. I picked colors that blended well together. You don’t have to necessarily use these exact same colors but you can choose your own colors. As you can see the colors of dark blue and black did not appear well on camera on my ring finger. 🙁 Thumb: I used a light blue and light yellow. Index: I used red and black. Middle: I used bright pink and purple. Ring: I used black and dark blue. Pinky: I used a purple and red THE TECHNIQUE Now there are many ways out there to do the color block so I will introduce various methods.

  1. My Method—– Paint the full nail with one color (let’s take the thumb for this example so blue) and then drag the brush across the nail with another color (which would be yellow) towards the bottom. Layer second color several times so base color is not seen.
  2. Beginners Method— Apply tape sideways on your nail and paint the non taped part of the nail. After it dries remove toe and paint rest of the nail with other color.  TIP: If your tape is not so strong and your nail is COMPLETELY dry you can tape the painted side for more precise painting.

Well that’s pretty much it for the design! It’s not as hard as it seems. Just try new colors and find a method that works for you. And let me know if you would like to see more like this.

Here’s a YouTube video I made on how to do this!