Silver Crackle Nails Mani 💅(without crackle or shatter polish! 😮)

Crackle and shatter polish the newest thing out there. Paint the polish on and let the new color crack and arise. However, you can’t find this kind of polish where you live or it’s above your budget. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it! Today I will show how I did my crackle or shatter nails without the polish. Now it’s not as good as the actual polish 🙁 but it’s still pretty good. 🙂


1. Prep nails and apply base coat. I used Maybelline’s Express Finish Base Brilliante.

2. Paint nails with a metallic silver polish.  I used Silver Chrome by Sally Hansen’s Color quick.

3. Apply lines blobs of black. My black polish is from Claires.

4. Immediately rub a toothpick through wet black polish to give the crackle effect.

5. Apply a top coat and voila! 🙂

I think this would have come better if i applied more black but oh well! I hope you enjoyed and share your recreations with #thespectaculargirlnails

💜 Spectacular Girl