Butterfly Magic Manicure πŸ’…

It’s fall time! But I’m doing more of a springtime design! πŸ˜› Well no matter what season it is why not have a butterfly for your mani!

Let’s get Started!

  1. Prep nails and apply base coat
  2. Paint all nails PINK! ( Or color of your choice)
  3. Apply blobs of green on all fingers except thumb.
  4. Run a toothpick or dotting tool through the wet polish to create lines.
  5. On the thumb make a long thin oval using a dotting tool or brush dipped in green paint (I used a dotting tool)
  6. Make two big blue circles on the left side of the oval. Repeat on right.
  7. Add two green circles on top of your oval.
  8. Finish with a top coat after 30 mins.
  9. Bam!

I will try to post a Halloween manicure on Halloween. I have already tried doing it but it was a fail πŸ™

Leave suggestions and requests and your thoughts in the comments!

πŸ’œ Spectacular Girl