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Microdart (Point/Needle) Patch: The Ultimate Guide

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Painful pimple that is under the skin? Then you probably have an early stage pimple/zit. Therefore, a microdart patch is the solution for you! On the other hand if your pimple is in its later on stage and it has a whitehead then read about how to deal with pimples.

What is a Micropoints/Microdart/Microneedle Patch?

Products that come with microtips which based on the product can be used to target underlying blemishes, dark spots, fine lines/wrinkles and dark circles. For the purpose of this blog post I will be focussing only on products that heal underlying blemishes.

Who sells these?

The following brands: Hero Cosmetics, Dr. Jart, Zitsticka, Peach Slices, and Rael. I have only tried the ones from Dr. Jart so I cannot speak about the performance of the other products. But you are more than welcome to check them out and let me know how they work for you down in the comments!

Does a Microdart Patch hurt?

Surprisingly no, I was expecting the application of this to be painful but it wasn’t. The sensation is kind of hard to describe. It’s almost tingly like a not so painful bite. It’s hard to explain 😂

The Stages of a Pimple

The Early Phase– This is when the pimple is forming under the skin and it’s usually painful and also slightly red. This is the phase where you should use a microdart patch for blemishes.

The Eruption Phase– This is when a whitehead has formed.

The Healing Phase- This is when the pimple is “popped” (DON’T ACTUALLY POP IT)

closeup of pimple with whitehead and without
Not the most clear picture but here’s a closeup of how my pimple looked before I used a micropoint and after. Once it’s formed a whitehead like this it’s easy to get rid of with a hydrocolloid patch.

The Process of my Pimple Treatment with Microdarts the First Time I tried It

  1. Day 1: I used a Dr. Jart+ – Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip Patch to treat my pimple when it was in its early phase.
  2. Day 2: Then once I woke up I waited the entire day so the whitehead could form.
  3. At night the whitehead was starting to form but wasn’t quite there. Either way I used Coxrx Acne Pimple Patch (hydrocolloid patches) overnight.
  4. Day 3: I took off the pimple sticker and it was so gross the whitehead literally came out from underneath the skin! Then it resulted in bleeding so I used a tissue to clean up the blood. (This happened once never happened again.) I followed up with some pimple treatment from First Aid Beauty Pharma BHA Acne Spot Treatment.

Conclusion: I do say that the microdart patch delivered pretty good results. There is still a mark left from the pimple but the healing process and treatment process of the pimple was faster than normal. I have tried using a microdart on the corner of my lip as I had a huge bump on my lip but it did not work well for that. But I really do like using microdarts and totally recommend them!

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