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Smokey Eyes with Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop! I remember first hearing about this brand when they launched their Disney collection with Colourpop. And then my interest in it piped again when Safiya Nygaard launched lipsticks with them. However, Safiya’s lipsticks were all sold out. So I didn’t get any and I lost interest in the Disney collection overtime. So instead I got the Smokey Show eye palette! I’ve been looking for a smokey eye palette for a long time. Colourpop’s Smoke Show palette seemed to be the only palette out there dedicated to the smokey eye.

Colourpop does have a lot of other great products too! Colourpop’s highlighter looked really good to me! And they have collaborations with a lot of other people too like Kathleen Lights, Zoella and Becky G.

Is Colourpop sold in Stores?

Colourpop has no stores. All their stuff is sold online or at Ulta Beauty.

up close view of the outside packaging of the colourpop smoke show eyeshadow palette

I was surprised by how pigmented the palette was! First of all, I didn’t think that a low priced palette could be as pigmented as this. Plus, I loved the simplicity of the palette and how all the eyeshadow colors had their own names.

swatches across the hand from the colourpop eyeshadow palette: smoke show
Here are some swatches of the Colourpop Smoke Show Palette

Overall I think Colourpop is a great place to shop for makeup. I do think it is better to look at their collection and see what you like and buy it rather than going in saying I need this makeup item and going in and buying it. You will appreciate the things you buy from Colourpop more if you explore what they have and buy an item you like.

UPDATE: This palette has been renamed to Blowin’ Smoke. The name Smoke Show was copyrighted by another company.

Check out my YouTube tutorial video here!

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