What’s the Verdict? – Buy luxury or drugstore makeup? (Budgeting your makeup)

Foundation: ($$$) Luxury foundation is better to invest in as this is the base of all your makeup. A great foundation is essential for having the perfect look. Buy giving yourself a higher budget on foundation this will help you find the perfect matching shade for your skin tone with the right finish on your face.

Concealer: ($?$) This one can be complicated. It really depends on how much concealer you use and what you use it for. Based upon that you should pick whether you wanna spend on it or not. Luxury concealers offer a ton of coverage but you may not even need this much.

Lipgloss: ($) Drugstore is better because there really isn’t a lot of variety out there in lip gloss. Plus lipgloss usually doesn’t last very long and it might not be something you wear all the time so why bother investing in it.

Lipstick: ($?$) This one is so tough to choose! I love luxury lipsticks because I usually get to try the shade on in stores and see how the color looks on me. Plus formulas are creamier. Drugstore lipsticks are great too and I would say 95% of mine are from the drugstore. I just love having a huge lipstick collection and drugstore lipsticks let me do that without going broke! Like I said earlier I can’t really try on these drugstore lipsticks so I’m not always happy with what I buy, but sometimes I do mix shades or I just give them away.

Mascara: ($) Drugstore mascara is better because mascara is the quickest expiring makeup product. It has a shelf life of 6 months but many suggest disposing of it after 3 months.

Eyeshadow: ($$$) Luxury eyeshadow is better in my opinion because the pigmentation you get with it is so much better! Plus the colors offered in eyeshadows in high-end brands are much different. I feel like they offer more red and fiery colors. If you don’t wear eyeshadow a lot then you’re probably better off going with the drugstore.

Liquid lipstick: ($$$) Luxury! I personally feel that drugstores just can’t attain the quality of liquid lipsticks that high-end products have. High-end liquid lipsticks are less drying in comparison to your drugstore brands and last longer. But there are probably a good handful of exceptions like I’ve heard Maybelline has a good liquid lipstick. I have only used NYX liquid lipsticks and found that they aren’t the same as a Tarte or Bite Beauty.

Makeup Brushes: ($$$) This is a must invest! Makeup brushes are tools that need investments because you want to make sure you are getting the best out of your products and that they are layering and blending well on your face. Makeup brushes that you spend more on will be softer and have bristles that are well put together. You don’t want bristles falling on your face when doing your makeup!

I haven’t written about other makeup products because I still need to explore both high-end and drugstore quality but at the moment for those of you who are curious here is the type of investment I have made in these other makeup products.

Lip primer- Luxury ($$$)

Eyeshadow Primer- Drugstore ($)

Lip liner- Drugstore ($)

Face Primer- Luxury ($$$)

Finishing powder- Drugstore ($)

Blush: Drugstore ($)

Contour- Luxury ($$$)

Eyeliner-  Drugstore ($)

That’s all for now! I will update you guys if I have an opinion about the products I haven’t told you whether to save or splurge on! I hope you guys liked this and let me know your own opinions of what you think about saving and splurging on makeup products!