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LIVE TINTED Huestick Reviews

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission. Happy shopping! 😊

In this blog post, I will be sharing my Live Tinted Huestick reviews. So let’s start off with how I discovered the brand. I saw the founder (Deepica Mutyala) on my Instagram feed for some brand ad. Then I started following Deepica and discovered her brand Live Tinted. When Live Tinted first started off it was just a community to celebrate diversity.

They first started off with one product called the huestick and launched it in three different shades so it could also work as a color corrector. These three shades are Origin (red), Perk (pink), and Rise (orange). Now the brand has 11 different shades in the huesticks. They also released sunscreen, eye masks, lip balm gloss, and hueglow. Many of Live Tinted’s products are designed to be multipurpose. For example, Hueglow is a serum moisturizer that also works as a highlighter. In this blog post, I will be focusing on their multipurpose huestick products. I do plan on buying more of their products so I will update this blog post when I buy more till then follow me on Instagram to stay updated. 

Live Tinted Huestick

Deepica went viral on YouTube for her color correction hack using red lipstick. She also got to show this hack on Good Morning America which is why she started color correcting huesticks as one of the brand’s first products.

I even had a fun conversation on founder Deepica’s YouTube video with an Indian movie reference about putting lipstick under your eyes. And then I went to the extent of making a TikTok on the movie scene we were talking about! (conversation and video below!)

conversation in Youtube comments making a movie reference to the Live Tinted Huestick
holding live tinted huestick in origin
Closeup of Live Tinted Huestick’s packaging

Live Tinted Huestick Review 

Here’s my review of just the huestick itself. I will go into specifics of all my Live Tinted huestick reviews below. As of now, I own three different colors but they’re all the same formula and packaging so I thought I would do a general overview of the huesticks themselves.

Packaging: The huesticks come in beautiful copper packaging. I love this copper packaging because it’s so unique in comparison to the rest of my makeup and it easily stands out. The color name is on the bottom of the huestick. I wish they indicated the shade name on the top too because sometimes I don’t store my huesticks upside down and it can be confusing when I’m in a rush and need to know the shade ASAP. The huesticks are easy to twist out of their packaging and use. 

Ingredients: Live Tinted is a clean brand so they use good ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane. There’s also no fragrance in them so it’s unscented which is great for people with sensitive skin.

Multifunctional Product: I have mentioned earlier how they typically make their products multifunctional but the huestick is definitely the most multifunctional. Some of the shades can be used for color correcting but they can all be used as an eyeshadow or lip color. Certain shades can be used as blush or highlight too. The benefit of it being multifunctional is not having to buy as many products. Now, this won’t make much of a difference if you keep going on makeup hauls like me. 😛 But if you’re more considerate about how much makeup you’re buying you can skip buying a bunch of products and use an all-in-one product like this. It also makes it travel-friendly so you can do more with less. I took the Origin huestick on my trip to Disney and it was so quick and easy to use. 

Beginner Friendly: I know makeup can be overwhelming to people who are new to it or don’t do their makeup regularly. What I love about these products is that there are no rules to them and you can just play and experiment. This freedom of being able to play and experiment makes it easier for beginners to get exposed to makeup.

How to Use Live Tinted Huestick?

Watch this video below to see how I use the Live Tinted Huestick!

Live Tinted Huestick Origin

girl holding live tinted huestick in origin
Holding the Live Tinted Huestick in Origin

Pictured to the left is the first huestick I bought called Origin. This was one of the first huesticks launched and I bought this in October 2019. It’s an orangey-red color that also works as a color corrector. I have used this product a lot which is what convinced me to buy more huesticks down the road. The color looks great on all eyes, lips, and cheeks. Personally, I love using this huestick as a red blush. I have used this huestick to recreate the iconic Dorothy from Wizard of Oz look. For the most part, I love using it on the cheeks as a blush the most and I occasionally use it on eyes. I don’t generally use it on the lips as it can be a bit drying and I prefer something creamier for the lips. I frequently also use this as a color corrector.

Live Tinted Huestick Grounded

swatch of live tinted huestick grounded

This is milk chocolate color huestick. Since it is a milk chocolate color it’s only a multi stick and does not work as a color corrector. However, you can use this to contour your face and I love a stick contour so this is perfect for that. Especially around the nose area, it’s so perfect to use because it comes with that fine tip. You can see how I used this color on my lips for a deer look. I used this color on the bottom half of my lips.

Live Tinted Huestick Found

swatch of live tinted huestick in found

This is a deep brick color and I didn’t think I would buy this because I already had Origin. However, I had a buy one get one 50% off deal when I was buying grounded, and many shades were sold out at the time so I decided to give found a try. This is also a pretty color and it can be used for color correction too. My under-eye area is not that dark so found is unnecessary for color correction in that area. However, I have noticed that found is super helpful for concealing any birthmarks since those are darker. 

Where can I buy Live Tinted Huestick?

Back in 2019, when I bought my first huestick it was only available on their website. At this point in my life, I had never bought makeup outside of a beauty retailer so I was nervous about buying it but I had no issues! As of 2021, Live Tinted is now sold at Ulta Beauty! You can also always buy it through their website but Ulta is definitely easier if you want to check it out in stores or do a beauty haul.

Those are my Live Tinted Huestick Reviews! Origin is definitely my favorite since it was the first huestick I owned. I do plan on buying more shades of huestick and other products from Live Tinted. To stay updated on this blog post you can follow me on Instagram.