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LIVE TINTED Huestick Review in Origin

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girl holding live tinted huestick in origin
Holding the Live Tinted Huestick

The Live Tinted Huestick! So let’s start off with how I discovered the brand. I saw the founder (Deepica Mutyala) on my Instagram feed for some brand ad. Deepica became popular for her red lipstick color correction hack. Then she started Live Tinted which began as a community; the first makeup product was based off of this idea of color correctors.

I even had a fun conversation on her YouTube video with an Indian movie reference. And then I went to the extent of making a TikTok on the movie scene we were talking about! (video below!)

conversation in Youtube comments making a movie reference to the Live Tinted Huestick

Huesticks launched in about May of 2019 and I had always been interested in trying them out. I never bought makeup outside of a mass merchandiser like Sephora, Ulta, CVS etc. Trying out a unique makeup brand like that is only on its own website was an interesting experience. I purchased the huestick Origin in October 2019 for my birthday!

Products sold by Live Tinted

Originally huesticks were only sold in three shades as color correctors, lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. These three shades are Origin (red), Perk (pink) and Rise (orange).

They recently added more shades in their huesticks. Although these aren’t necessarily color correctors they still serve as multi-use makeup products. These shades are Found (burgundy), Free (berry), Grounded (milk chocolate) and True (rose).

They also sell clothing merchandise occasionally and recently launched a lip gloss called Unity Balm Gloss which works as a lip balm and lip gloss. Plus a new shimmer stick called Change.

How to Use Live Tinted Huestick?

Watch this video below to see how I use the Live Tinted Huestick!

What I liked about Live Tinted!

  • Profile: A lot of online shopping sites have you fill in a profile but this profile feels so much more real and personalized
  • Packaging: The huestick came in a nice package in the mail as well as the product packaging itself it really nice it comes in copper which is quite different from traditional makeup packaging. The UNITY Balm comes in aluminum packaging and is designed to avoid product wastage!
  • The message: Tinted is a community that tries to include people of all backgrounds which is something that interested in me in standing up for.
  • Ingredients: They use good ingredients in their products like Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene and Vitamin C. They also fall under the clean beauty category!
  • Fragrance Free: When you have sensitive skin fragrance is your biggest enemy! And just in general fragrance isn’t so good for your skin so staying away from fragrance as much as possible is spectacular!
  • Multifunctional: Live Tinted is all about their multifunctional products which I think is awesome for someone who likes to keep things low key and simple. Even though I consider myself a very extravagant person I still think that’s pretty awesome!
  • Made in the USA!

This is the profile page on LIVE Tinted. As you can see it’s very personal and they even give recognition to pronouns.

a screenshot of the Live Tinted website user profile page

Overall I think the huesticks are a great product and I do look forward to checking out more huesticks and the new UNITY balm sometime in the future. The only downside I would say to the huestick is that I wasn’t the biggest fan of it on my lips. It felt kind of drying and didn’t last very long. But this product is definitely amazing for other stuff.

Where can I buy Live Tinted Huestick?

As of 2021, Live Tinted is now sold at Ulta Beauty! You can also always buy it through their website but Ulta is definitely easier if you want to check it out in stores or do a beauty haul.

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