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How to Save Money on Makeup like a Boss

Makeup is a very expensive endeavor. We spend hundreds of dollars on the so called drugstore hauls and Sephora hauls and never realize how much money we spend so quickly. That’s why I’m going to teach you how to save money on makeup! The best part is money saved on makeup can be used to buy more makeup! 😉

How to get Free Makeup

  1. Get Samples– The best way to save money on makeup is to try out the product first in the form of sample before you really commit to the item. I get samples through PINCHMe, Hunt4Freebies and Sephora. Also many times you get free samples by following brands on their Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram brands do forms in their stories where on Facebook it’s usually through their posts.
  2. Enter Giveaways!– I always thought giveaways were rip offs and that I would never win but to my surprise they are not! I won giveaways on Instagram with Maybelline and Revlon. Also won a giveaway with Biossance on YouTube. Instagram is the best source to find a giveaway. They usually just ask you to follow the account and tag a friend. I have also seen giveaways on YouTube and Twitter but I feel like Instagram has the most.
  3. Join Influenster!Influenster is a community where people can share their reviews on different products. You can score free full sized makeup and beauty products or any other product in exchange for a review on the product when you get selected for a VoxBox. Through Influenster I have received products from Maybelline, Covergirl, Huda Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs and Tom Ford! Referral link for Influenster!
  4. Coupons and Points– If you’re a rewards member at Sephora you can use your beauty insider points to get free items. There are also many other brands that have loyalty memberships where you can use your points to redeem free items. At Ulta they occasionally do coupons to get free items. I got the Clinique Hydrating Jelly for free at Ulta with one of their coupons. Sometimes companies also do free gifts with a purchase so you can score some extra goodies! I remember one time I walked into Sephora and they were giving away a free gift bag for customers who spent over $25 on Sephora Collection. This promotion was not advertised outside the store but it was definitely some nice freebies! I got a Sephora Collection Lip Stain, Eye Makeup Remover and Face Mask in sample sizes.
  5. Contests! Many companies do contests where you can create a makeup look and share it with them in order to win their products. Similar to giveaways but requires more effort! I won a contest with Neutrogena once and it was very easy to win because barely anyone participated! So there’s more hope for contests than giveaways so give them a chance if you can!
  6. Test Products- Sometimes brands will ask you to test their product for them and then share your results. This is definitely more common in skincare than makeup. To find these opportunities I once again recommend following brands on social and seeing if they post any opportunities like this. There are also exclusive communities for certain brands that you can join which are usually in the form of Facebook Groups. Opportunities to test products are also often shared in these insider groups.
  7. Become a Beauty Influencer– Beauty influencers like me, often get added to PR lists from brands. This lets you try out new products and share them with your social following. Free products are also given in exchange for brand collaborations. You don’t need to have a million followers to be an influencer. Even people with small followings can become microinfluencers.

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How to Get Discounted Makeup

  1. PoshmarkI have never bought makeup or beauty items on Poshmark but I do sell beauty items myself. Sometimes you may find yourself with makeup and beauty products that you have received but don’t like. These items can be sold on Poshmark and this is a perfect way for people like you to get discounted makeup!
  2. Subscription Boxes– Subscription boxes will give you the best value for high-end makeup. You can score up to $300 of makeup for only like $25. When I tried Boxycharm, my box was worth $278 and I only spent $25 on the box. The only drawback to this is you won’t know what you’re buying as it’s a surprise! For more on Boxycharm, click here!
  3. Sales!– This one is pretty obvious but sales are definitely an excellent time to score a discount on makeup. Sephora does sales in April, November, December and sometimes summer for Rouge members. CVS does NYX lip products on sale during Black Friday for a dollar each after extra bucks.
  4. Referral Codes– Many bloggers like me have referral codes so you can score discounts! I have refer a friend codes for Colourpop, LIVE Tinted, E.L.F Cosmetics, and Mented Cosmetics. [I DO NOT MAKE COMMISSION OFF OF THIS, IF ANYTHING I GET A COUPON]
  5. Value Sets– Sephora has some awesome value sets that you can
  6. Buy Drugstore– Drugstore makeup is really underrated but drugstores are changing up their game! They’re coming up with many new products and there are also many new brands entering the drugstore market.
  7. Cashback– My favorite service for cashback is Rakuten! Rakuten supports both Sephora and Ulta plus many other stores. Basically what they do is give you a percentage of your money back in the form of a check or gift card at a later time. My lifetime cashback balance as of today is $42 and I have been a member for 2 years (although I really only started using it in the last 6 months).
  8. Student Discount!– If you’re a student then you can score a student discount through UNIDAYS! Unidays offers discounts on Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Clinique and more!
  9. Use a Price Drop Watcher– Is there a certain product you really like but can’t seem to grab ahold of it going on sale? For problems like this I love to use Shoptagr! Shoptagr is an extension for your browser where you save products you like and get notified when they go on sale.
  10. Buy discounted gift cards: Buy gift cards on Raise they sell discounted gift cards. You can get $5 on Raise for any gift card when you use this link. I don’t recommend buying a ton of one brand. Most websites have a limit on the number of gift cards you can use for example Ulta only allows one and Sephora only allow two. Also, you don’t want to risk wasting them by not using them. I usually buy my gift cards when I know for sure I’m going to buy something. Usually, the higher priced the gift card the higher the savings. Just buy gift cards wisely! Also, remember that returns can get complicated when buying with gift cards. Sometimes retailers do bonus gift cards when you buy gift cards directly through them. Sephora did this once for Mother’s Day.

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Well, that’s how to save money on makeup! I was actually surprised by how many ways you could save money on makeup. The key here is not to give in to temptation and prioritize what makeup you really want to buy plus making sure you buy that makeup at the right time. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite way to save money on makeup!