Beauty Makeup

Beauty Blender or Makeup Brush?

Should you use a beauty blender or makeup brush?

You have all probably seen the battle of beauty blenders vs makeup brushes and how people worship their beauty blenders while other people are like nah. Today I thought I would explain to you my take on why I don’t use a beauty blender.

Many people out there love their beauty blenders. It’s cute, it’s easy, it’s fun and it works. Which is why so many people think I’m crazy when they don’t see me use a beauty blender. Personally I don’t hate beauty blenders and there are so many times where I was almost about to buy a beauty blender

Here’s why I didn’t like a blender

  1. Hygiene Factor– I feel like beauty blenders are more bacteria prone just because they’re sponges and like we keep them moist and bacteria and bugs could thrive inside them. This isn’t scientifically proven as far as I know but I feel like it’s possible
  2. Water Access– You usually have to wet your blender in water to get the best results. Do I always have access to a sink when doing my makeup? Especially when I’m on the go
  3. Cleaning Process– Makeup brushes are way easier to clean than beauty blenders. No doubt about this one.
  4. Product Wastage– Since beauty blenders are designed not to get too much product on your face they absorb a lot of product which gets wasted.

Why I love my makeup brushes

  1. More precision– Brushes give you better control over what you are doing when applying to your face.
  2. Makes me feel more artistic– This one is just a personal thing but I feel like when watching people do their makeup it’s more interesting to watch people with brushes.
  3. Makes my brush set look fancier– I have brushes for eyes, lips and cheeks so why not add face to the collection
  4. The factors which I mentioned for why I don’t like beauty blenders fall into why brushes are more advantageous.

The choice of using a beauty blender or makeup brush is completely up to you. There is no right and wrong in the beauty world it’s all up to you. I just hope I provided insight to those who wonder why people use brushes over blenders. Whatever you use it should be realistic to your lifestyle and personal preferences. I hope you enjoyed this article, and who knows maybe I will ditch the brushes for the blender in the future!