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My Review of BareMinerals

Honestly, I don’t have a ton of experience shopping here but the fact that they’re closing stores still makes me sad. The BareMinerals at Northshore Mall and Burlington Mall have already closed and the one at The Mall at Rockingham Park is going to be closing at the end of this month. BareMinerals has already closed a lot of stores back in 2017 but now it looks like they keep on closing.

Why is BareMinerals closing their stores? The reasons are yet to come out but when asked on Twitter if BareMinerals was closing their stores this was their reply:

tweet on twitter published on january 13th 2020 about bareminerals not closing all their boutiques only some 

"No, that is not true. We have closed some of our bareMinerals Boutiques but we do not have plans to close all our Boutiques."

What I like about BareMinerals

  • The Employees: The employees at BareMinerals are some of the friendliest and welcoming staff I have ever come across. Since the stores aren’t crowded they really go above and beyond to help you out with your purchase. Plus they just generally always seem to be in a really good mood!
  • Free Birthday Gift: I know everyone loves their birthday gifts from Sephora and Ulta but BareMinerals actually gives full-size products! My 18th Birthday gift was a liquid lipstick that retails for $20. And my 19th Birthday gift was a loose eyeshadow powder that retails for $15. Talk about the amazing value!
  • Recycling Program: I feel guilty for never taking the opportunity to participate in this! I wanted to participate but just never remembered to save my empties! BareMinerals recycling program allows you to give back up to 5 empty packagings of beauty products. In return, you get points for your rewards. And no it does not have to be BareMinerals brand it can be anything.
  • Clean Makeup: I definitely appreciate BareMinerals for their approach to clean makeup. I like how they keep things very simple. And I think BareMinerals is a great brand for people looking to keep their makeup minimal and natural-looking.

So that’s my take on BareMinerals I hope their stores won’t close as much and let me know in the comments your experiences with BareMinerals and if any BareMinerals stores near you are closing!