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Professional Pedicure with Lakme in India

Hello Darlings! So today I’m going to be talking about my professional pedicure at a salon called Lakme which I went to during my trip in India. Now the reason I call this a professional pedicure is because I’m used to doing my own pedicures. Going out for pedicures is not something I do. I went for a pedicure once in my life for my Kindergarten buddy’s birthday party. This is the only time I ever get my nails done. I have gotten gel nails once with her and I believe a manicure twice apart from the pedicure. I usually do at home manicures and pedicures because it’s more affordable. I liked painting my nails in elementary and then in middle school it became a huge obsession. Once I reached high school I kinda lost interest in it towards the end. My favorite nail YouTubers weren’t posting as much and so the craze died. But now I wanna bring the nail love back which is why I decided to take this pedicure trip on my own to remember the good old days of nail love!

So finding where to go to for my pedicure was tricky! There were many options I looked at but I needed to consider price, service, and distance. I first just googled places to get pedicures but I was skeptical of the quality of service. Then I just looked pedicures at hotels like Hyatt, Marriott and Radisson. These hotel pedicures were very expensive so that’s when I discovered local chain brands for my pedicure. So I decided to go with Lakme Salon for my pedicure.

White Tea Vitality Pedicure which I paid Rs 1200 that converts to today’s rate of $17.37. According to their website this pedicure will “Undo The Effect Of Pollution And Stress On Your Feet In This Pedicure. Enriched With Kaolin, Ceramide And White Tea, It Will Naturally Lighten Nourish And Rejuvenate Your Feet”. We tend to go barefoot a lot in India and the roads are pretty dirty which can ruin your feet when you’re not wearing closed toed shoes.

Basically they did the usual take off polish, soak feet, use cuticle remover, file nails and trim them, and the pumice block. The only new thing I noticed was the addition of a foot mask and like exfoliating a little more. I really appreciated my pedicure because it’s nice to have that foot massage and pedicures are harder to do. The only thing is I didn’t get my foot corns removed from my feet since apparently that needs to be dealt with by a doctor. But overall I really did enjoy my pedicure and I will use this experience to build my own at home pedi!