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How to Get Rid of Dry Lips Forever

If you love lipstick like me or have something else that is causing your lips to dry out then you need to learn how to get rid of dry lips. Dry lips was a frequent problem for me! I have tried so many things but in the end there is only one solution that brought an end to this problem.

My #1 Solution to Getting Rid of Dry Lips

My secret to getting rid of dry lips is lip masks. I didn’t even know these existed till I discovered the Lanegie Lip Sleeping Mask in my Sephora Recommendations. I thought this was crazy! $20 for a product that was like a lip balm which you apply only at night. However, over time this product started to spark my curiosity. I started seeing a lot of celebrities use this in their night-care routines when watching Go To Bed With Me videos on YouTube. And this product won an Allure Award. So I decided to buy this product when Sephora was selling it as a holiday value set.

lanegie lip sleeping masks

I didn’t expect a lot of results from the product but it blew me away! The product was so easy to use and I never had dry lips! The best part is a little goes a long way! I only used it at night as suggested and used a lip balm during the morning. The only time I ever had dry lips was when I forgot to use it two days in a row! The best part is I don’t even use a lip scrub anymore!

Don’t believe my love for it? I made my best friend walk all the way back to Sephora (right when we were about to leave the Domain) to buy it as soon as she told me she has dry lips and she loves it too!

screenshot of chat about review on lanegie lip sleeping mask
Checking in with my friend to see if she liked it!

If you don’t like the Lanegie Lip Sleeping Mask, then you can try the Bite Beauty Lip Mask. This one also works really well! It’s a thicker formula and smells amazing! The Bite Beauty Lip Mask is also clean beauty but it is pricier.

bite beauty lip mask

Tips and Tricks to get rid of Dry Lips

  • Don’t overdo the lip balm! I have seen some people swipe on lip balm all day long. This is not good! You should never go overboard on usage of your beauty products. I like to aim for using my lip balm once in the morning and once during the day. I can go for an extra swipe of lip balm if needed but this rarely happens.
  • Exfoliate: I have personally found lip scrubs to be helpful but you need to be extremely careful! The lips are a very thin layer of skin and can be damaged with lip scrubs. Be extremely gentle with exfoliation and don’t overdo it! You can alternatively use a warm washcloth to exfoliate your lips.
  • Avoid liquid lipsticks: Liquid lipsticks can be very drying to the lips, that’s why they last so long. Instead go for a tinted lip balm or moisturizing lip stick.
  • See if your lip balm isn’t work or is irritating you: Your lip balm may consists of ingredients that you may be allergic to. Keep this in mind with scented lip balms, especially mint.

Products I Like to Keep Your Lips Happy!

DIY: Natural Lip Scrub

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar and Honey

Mix brown sugar and honey and voila! Keep it in a little jar to store. Make sure it’s in a safe and cool place where you won’t attract any ants! Please note that this DIY lip scrub won’t last very long because it’s natural and has no preservatives so use it up quickly!

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I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions or suggestions about dry lips please let me know in the comments.

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