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How to Get Rid of Bacne

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How did I get rid of my bacne? It was definitely frustrating at first when I had no clue what to do about it. Luckily I was able to discover products that helped clear my skin and fix the issue.

What is Bacne?

Back + acne = bacne. Bacne is a type of body acne that only happens on the back. Just like acne on your face, you will probably find bumps, pimples, and blemishes.

Causes of Bacne

From my personal experience, I have noticed that I get a lot of bacne when I’m in India because the weather is hotter and stickier there. However, there are a lot of factors that can cause bacne. My suggestion is to observe and see if there’s anything in particular that is causing it.

What to do for Bacne

Here are some general tips on reducing bacne as well as the chances of getting it in the first place.

  • Stay cool!
  • Wear open back tops/dresses
  • Shower frequently
  • Wash your bras frequently
  • Change your bedsheets

How to get rid of Bacne fast

Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of bacne overnight but by following a good skincare regime and following these tips you can get rid of your bacne a lot faster. The best steps to getting rid of acne are to cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize.

Getting rid of Acne on back

Acne on your back needs a skincare routine just like your face. Here’s what I have found to work.

  • Cleanse- Cleanse your skin with a product that will help treat your bacne.
  • Exfoliate– Exfoliate to help smooth the skin out. This is not a step you do daily.
  • Treat – Treat the acne with a treatment and if you have a pimple use a spot treatment.
  • Moisturize– Keep your skin moisturized as always! This will keep it smooth and soft!

Best Overall Solution for Bacne

Hero Cosmetics has recently launched a collection dedicated just to body acne They gifted me this collection to review and I have had a positive experience with the entire collection. I believe that this is a great set to buy if you have severe bacne and need a place to get started. If you don’t want the whole collection I recommend at least getting the power wash and once over toner.

flatlay of hero cosmetics brave body collection that I use to get rid of bacne
Full collection of Hero Cosmetics Brave Body Body Acne Collection

Body Acne Wash

The best body acne wash on the market that I have personally tried and loved is from Hero Cosmetics Brave Body Power Wash. This has helped keep my skin clear and it’s a lightweight formula. I use this body wash only in the areas where I have body acne.

Body Acne Soap

The Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar is a good soap to use for body acne in case you’re not a fan of body washes. Make sure you’re not sharing your soap with anyone!

Body Scrub

I recommend using any un-fragranced body scrub for body acne. But if you’re looking for a body scrub specifically designed for body acne then I recommend the Hero Cosmetics Brave Body Scrub. This scrub is a whitish color and will make your skin nice and smooth. It’s recommended to use once or twice a week. I generally just use this on Sundays.

Body Acne Treatment

There are two spray-on products that I have used and had good experiences with. First is the Bliss Clear Genius Body Acne Spray. I tried this product first and it has Salicylic Acid, Zinc PCA, Witch Hazel, Cica, and Niacinamide. Here’s a TikTok video I made on the product.

closeup of bliss clear genius body acne spray

Another treatment I like is the Hero Cosmetics Brave Body Toner. I have found that this one is a bit more on the watery side but it also works well. This one contains AHA + BHA + PHA and it also contains Zinc PCA.

If I had to pick a side for which treatment to use I would probably pick the one from Bliss as I found it slightly more effective. However, it does contain witch hazel which can be drying to the skin so if you don’t want witch hazel you should go for the Hero Cosmetics treatment.

standing picture of the ordinary azelaic acid suspension 10%

Apart from those treatments my dermatologist once prescribed me 20% azelaic acid since I had really bad back acne. There’s a 10% azelaic acid sold by The Ordinary that you can get as an alternative. I have used this product on my face and had good results with it.

Products you DON’T want to buy for Bacne

Mario Badescu Special Cleansing Lotion ‘O’ and A.H.A Botanical Body Shop. At firs,t I really liked these products and felt good but then I felt like they were aggravating my bacne so I quit using them.

Dark Spots on the Back

You might find dark spots after you get rid of your back acne. These spots are usually marks or acne scars from the previous acne. There are two products that I have tried to get rid of these dark spots. My top favorite is the Gold Bond Ultimate Dark Spot Minimizing Cream. This one works the best and has completely gotten rid of dark spots when I got back acne for the first time. I also like Ambi Fade Cream. This one is cheaper than Gold Bond but I have seen better results with Gold Bond. I do like how the Ambi Cream is smooth and lightweight in comparison to Gold Bond.