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How to Do a Pedicure at Home in 10 Steps

Hello Darlings! Today I’m sharing with you my at home pedicure routine! After getting a pedicure done at a salon this summer I realized I needed to start showing my feet some love again!

10 Step Pedicure Guide

  1. Take off Nail Polish: If you have any nail polish on your toes make sure you take it off. Don’t be lazy like me and paint over your old polish. This will just make your polish uneven and bad.
  2. Trim and File Nails: Don’t risk breaking your nail! Trim those nails with a nail clipper. Then go in with a nail file to perfect it!
  3. Exfoliate Feet: Use a good foot scrub to get rid of all that dead skin for fresh baby soft feet!
  4. Relax Feet in Water: Grab a foot spa or use your bathtub to soak your feet in water. You can add anything you like to the water like rose petals, bath salts or even bubble bath!
  5. Use a Pumice Stone: Use a pumice stone with your feet to get rid of rough skin.
  6. Apply Lotion: Moisturize those feet with a good foot lotion!
  7. Use a base coat: Base coat is essential to having your pedicure stay on longer and prevent nails from staining them.
  8. Paint Nails!: The main part of a pedicure! Pick your favorite color to paint your nails! I usually go for more classic colors like pink and red.
  9. Top Coat: With a good top coat this will help the pedicure stay on longer and give it a nice shine to finish!
  10. Moisturize again!: This time use a bit of a thicker lotion like a foot balm to really keep those toes nice and soft!

Products Used for My At Home Pedicure

  • Nail Polish Remover $1
  • Nail Clipper $3
  • Sephora Collection Crystal Nail File $10
  • Earth Therapeutics Purifying Foot Scrub $10
  • Homedics Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa $24
  • Bath & Body Works Focus Eucalyptus Tea Aromatherapy Bath Soak $16.50
  • Pumice Stone $2
  • Foot Brush $4
  • Earth Therapeutics Reflexology Foot Massage Lotion $10
  • Essie Strong Start Nail Treatment (Base Coat) $10
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Pucker Up $3
  • Seche Dry Fast Top Coat $8.59
  • Earth Therapeutics Foot Balm $6.12

Did you know! “In 2019, nail salons in the U.S. charged an average price of 35.46 U.S. dollars for a basic pedicure.”

This adds us to about $102 dollars for a whole pedicure. So the first two pedicures you give yourself will cost you but every pedicure after those first two will save you tons of money than going to the salon.

YouTube Video for Pedicure

You got happy feet! 😊Now go show off those lovely feet when you wear flip flops or sandals! If you have any more questions about nails then check out my nails guide! Let me know in the comments how often do you give yourself a pedicure or go out for one!

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