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FOREO UFO 2 Review of the Smart Mask

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Hello, Darlings! Today I’m sharing with you my review of the FOREO UFO 2! This product was gifted to me by FOREO but this post is not sponsored. This is my first time using the UFO so I’m very excited! Honestly I don’t use sheet masks very often as I find them expensive and I feel like I’m not getting the most of them. But I do always love a good sheet mask when I’m traveling on a plane! I’m looking forward to using the UFO 2 to incorporate more face masks into my skincare routine.

FOREO Face Masks

You can take this fun quiz from FOREO to learn which face mask bundle is right for you then check this out! After taking this quiz I was recommended to check out The Ultimate Edition Smart Mask Set!

Call it a Night and Make My Day are $9.99 and come with 7 masks in the set. The other ones are $19.99 and come with 6 masks. If it says (A) this means Advanced Collection. If it says (F) this is the Farm to Face Collection.

UFO & UFO 2 Compatible

  • Green Tea (F)– This mask helps clear up skin and soothe skin.
  • Bulgarian Rose (F) – Using all-natural rose water, helps transform dull, dry skin in minutes for a radiance-boosting facial treatment that will leave skin healthy and hydrated.
  • Matte Maniac (A) – Best for oily skin. Works with charcoal and blue light to remove excess sebum and impurities and reduce pores and imperfections.
  • Shimmer Freak (A)- An illuminating face mask that works with caffeine helps get rid of signs of fatigue while diminishing the look of dark circles while UFO’s signature Cryo-Therapy refreshes the delicate skin around the eye contour and awakens tired eyes.
  • Glow Addict (A)– Infused with pearl extract so this mask will help illuminate your skin and make you glow.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Mask & Serum Intensive Caviar Fusion: This mask is not a part of the Advanced Collection or Farm to Face Collection or regular collection. It’s a separate set that comes with one mask and a follow-up serum which retails for $99.

UFO, UFO Mini, UFO 2 and UFO Mini 2 Compatible (All UFO devices)

  • Make My Day– An antipollution and hydrating facial treatment that has hyaluronic acid and red algae. Leaves skin looking hydrated and protected.
  • Call it a Night– Nourishing & Revitalizing facial treatment that has olive oil and ginseng. Leaves skin smooth and soft.
  • H2Overdose (A)- Infused with hyaluronic acid, this microfiber face mask instantly drenches dry, thirsty skin in soothing moisture. Perfect facial treatment for dry skin.
  • Youth Junkie (A)– Nourishes to give skin a firm, lifted appearance. An at-home collagen facial treatment that will replenish and smooth skin, leaving you with a younger-looking complexion.
  • Coconut Oil (F) – Coconut oil helps to moisturize dehydrated skin leaving you feeling soft and dewy!
  • Manuka Honey (F) – Helps revitalize and soften skin so you can get that boost of youth! It’s also anti-aging.
  • Acai Berry (F) – An anti-aging mask that helps to smooth skin and make you look younger and plump.
  • Cannabis Seed Oil (F) – One of the newest face masks from FOREO which contains 200 mg of cannabis seed oil. This mask is said to help calm and soothe red irritated skin. As well as hydrate skin without clogging pores and help regulate oil production for a clearer complexion.

FOREO Matte Maniac Mask Review

I love Matte Maniac because it uses hot and cold temperatures when using UFO. This combination of temperatures feels so good and it’s one of the reasons I repurchased it. The mask is the only mask they have that’s recommended for acne-prone skin which is another reason I like this mask. Since my skin isn’t oily I can’t speak to the mattifying effect of this mask but my skin does feel good after this.

FOREO Shimmer Freak Mask Review

This Shimmer Freak mask is designed for your eyes but considering you use this all over your face I’m not sure how it helps the eyes. There are little specks of glitter in this mask and it feels super relaxing at night. I noticed that there seemed to be less formula in comparison to other masks. With most masks, there is an excess product in the sachet. This mask would be better if it were compatible with mini so you could reach the eye area.

FOREO Make My Day Mask Review

I only used this once with the Make My Day sample that came with the UFO 2. This mask is less expensive in comparison to others so I totally recommend this mask. It’s a good mask that anyone can use and can be a part of your regular skincare routine. Since it has hyaluronic acid you can probably use this in place of a serum and it also helps with pollution effects on your skin.

FOREO H2O Overdose Mask Review

This mask is not worth your money. It’s basically the same thing as Make My Day but only has hyaluronic acid and no red algae. The UFO process is the same but it’s just 30 seconds longer than Make My Day. This is double the price of Make My Day and comes with one less mask. It’s also not the most hydrating thing I have ever experienced in my life. Sure it’s hydrating but there are better options that also do a better job.

Can you use FOREO UFO without a mask?

It is not recommended by FOREO to use the UFO device without a mask. And I also personally don’t recommend using it without a mask. I used the thermotherapy on my neck without a mask once (I had neck pain) and it got very hot! However I have seen FOREO talk about some UFO hacks on their socials where people don’t seem to be using a mask and are using the device on its own. Just be extremely cautious if you do choose to go this route.

How Often Can You Use It

FOREO says you can use the UFO twice a day (morning and night). However, I personally would not do that just because of the price.

Let’s say I were to use my UFO twice a day daily assuming I use Glow Addict and Shimmer Freak and purchase the 12 pack of both of these which costs $131.99 each and this includes savings otherwise it would be $239.88 each. I would have to buy about 5 of these 12 packs to last me an entire year. This would equate to spending over a $1000 on face masks a year! Now there’s nothing wrong in spending this much money on face masks. Besides you will have great skin down the road! 😍 So if you have enough money to invest in the skin then go ahead, But I’m not even a VIB or Rouge at Sephora so there’s no way I can invest that much in my skin on a regular basis 😂

For me the UFO would be something I use once a week or maybe once in a while. The face masks themselves when you break down the unit cost actually aren’t that expensive. It’s just when you look at the idea of face masking everyday it becomes expensive.

When to use this product?

I recommend using this at night because it feels relaxing and it’s a nice way to wind down after a long day. Some other FOREO users I have spoken to also like using it at night. However, if you have a special event where you want some skin prep before then you can use it then. Some masks are also better for daytime like Glow Addict.

The LED Benefits of UFO 2

The information below I got from FOREO’s stories on Instagram.

  • Purple- Eliminates toxins and accelerated healing
  • Yellow- Softens rosacea and combats swelling
  • Cyan- Anti-inflammatory and calms swelling
  • Orange- Eases sun damage and revitalizes
  • Red- Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Blue- Fights acne causing bacteria
  • Green- Targets dark spots and discoloration
  • White- Rejuvenates and tightens

Is the FOREO UFO 2 worth it?

FOREO ProductsPrice in USD
UFO 2$279
UFO 2 Mini$179
UFO Mini$99

There is a price difference of $80 for both the full size and the mini when upgrading from the first version of the UFO to the more recent second version. Now although I haven’t used the first version of the UFO I do think the price difference is acceptable because they have a lot of new light features in the new one.

If you’re picking UFO 2 vs UFO Mini 2 the price difference is $100. You will be missing out on Cryo-Therapy and some selective face masks. Cryo-Therapy is basically the exposure to cold temperatures. If that’s not something you’re into and feel you can live without the masks that are not compatible with the Mini then you might as well go with the Mini.

So the UFO can only work with the FOREO brand masks which is kind of a downside but they offer so many options that it’s easy to find a mask that you would like. Luckily these masks are not very expensive. Even if you pick the more expensive ones that are $19.99 for six of them you’re getting one mask at the cost of $3.33. Which is about the same price as a good drugstore sheet mask.

I do like how the mask grips onto the UFO so I don’t have to worry about the face mask falling off or tearing apart. In addition the added light benefits with the mask makes the facial treatment process so much more valuable. However, this is an expensive product and you do have to purchase face masks for it which is a recurring cost. FOREO products are expensive but this one costs even more than the Luna 3 and Iris.

How to Use FOREO UFO 2

I show you how to use the UFO 2 in this video I made as well as my FOREO UFO 2 review. Side note: I did not wash my face after this but I did wash my face before using the device. The formula tends to absorb into the skin pretty quickly so there’s no need to wash it off. If you want you can wipe off the excess with cotton.

How to use FOREO UFO 2 without app?

Press Once = Activation of Make My Day Mask

Press Twice = Activation of Call it a Night Mask

Press #of Times to Activate Mask = (Any mask that is not Make my Day or Call it a Night will have a special location on the UFO circle in the app. Memorize the position and use the number of that position to press the device that many times to activate the mask. [Honestly just use the app!]

Press Button = Turn on the UFO 2 device

Press and Hold for 3 seconds = Turns UFO 2 off

Overall review of FOREO UFO 2


  • High-end technology delivers effective results
  • Makes skincare fun! Relaxing!
  • Huge time saver! Face mask in 1.5 minutes versus 15-20 mins
  • The unit cost of face masks is affordable


  • No drawstring bag
  • Can only use FOREO branded masks
  • Wastage of product in the mask sachet (typical for any sheet mask)

Where to buy FOREO UFO?

You can buy the device at Sephora, Macy’s, Harrods, and FOREO. If you are a student and buy it through FOREO there usually is a student discount.

In conclusion, generally I believe FOREO products are like an investment so every penny is worth it but this one is a recurring investment so it’s a little different. I would recommend this product to people who are serious about their skincare game and don’t mind purchasing masks regularly. Personally for me I think this is something I would use perhaps once a week for like a spa treatment but not something I would use regularly. I think the best way to go about this product is to stock up some masks when they go on sale or if you have a coupon at Sephora. FOREO also sells bundles of masks so you can save in that way too.

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