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FOREO Luna 3 Review and Demo

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Cleansing devices, there’s a lot of them on the market and they can make skin care more fun and better for your face! But which one do you choose? Well, here’s how I started out my search. When I first started looking for facial cleansing devices I saw facial cleansing brushes, silicone cleansing pads. Facial cleansing brushes seemed to be the most popular however I didn’t like how they were so expensive and I would have to replace the brush head. Which is why I opted for the silicon cleansing device LUNA 3 by FOREO. I bought mine this month with their FOREO featuring Tarte™ – Into The Deep Holiday Hydration Set. The FOREO Luna 3 was launched by FOREO in 2019.

foreo luna 3 featuring tarte cosmetics gift set

Here’s what the Luna 3 is: The LUNA is a facial cleansing device for your skin that uses sonic pulsations and can also be used to massage your face. The LUNA can be cleaned with the Silicone Cleansing spray which can be bought on FOREO. The spray is inexpensive so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Why I love my Foreo Luna 3!

  • The color: It’s a fun blue!
  • Techie: Connects to my iphone through the Foreo App and had Bluetooth
  • Has massaging features, now I can enjoy my own mini facial
  • Trustable: LUNA devices have received many awards and are highly rated by many people in the beauty industry.
  • Rechargeable: No batteries needed and it’s a USB cable so you can use it anywhere in the world!
  • Built in Timer: Turns off automatically when you should be finished with cleansing.
  • Find my LUNA: I know you may think that this is an unnecessary feature but I absolutely love it! When you’re spending so much money investing in a facial device like this I think it’s important to know where it is. And you never know when you may misplace it, especially when traveling.
  • Hygiene: FOREO was very cautious about making sure this product doesn’t accumulate a lot of bacteria which is something I really love about this.
Check out my video here of me using Foreo Luna 3

Where you can buy it

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