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FOREO Iris Review: Eye Massager

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission. Happy shopping! 😊

Recently, I was gifted the FOREO Iris eye massager by FOREO and decided to share my review with you darlings! This review is not sponsored, all opinions are genuine (although I am a huge fan of this brand so I might be a little bias 😏) Currently I own the FOREO Luna 3 and I have had a very good experience with it so I’m looking forward to this!

What is FOREO IRIS and how does it work?

FOREO Iris is an eye massaging tool that uses “T-Sonicβ„’ Technology: a unique tapping movement inspired by fingertip tapping eye massage”


The goal of FOREO Iris is to get reduce crow’s feet, dark circles and under-eye bags.  While also improving the efficiency of your eye cream or serum. The eye area is one of the first places where aging starts so by slowing down the aging process in this way it helps you look younger in the long-run. Also many people apply their eye cream incorrectly. Eye cream should be applied with the ring finger and patted down in a tapping motion. But many people don’t follow this and tend to drag their eyes causing wrinkles faster.

How to use FOREO Iris?

I have the FOREO App on my iPhone 7. There are two modes: Spa Mode and Pure Mode. Spa Mode is recommended for more aging skin and pure mode is for those beginning to show signs of aging. Watch my YouTube video below to see how the product works.

Maintaining the Device

FOREO sells a silicone cleansing spray that is only sold through them (buy here). This is what is recommended to use to clean the device. You can also use water and soap to clean it. It comes in a grey drawstring bag for storage. You should charge the device for about an hour when it’s out of charging.

How much does it cost?

The product retails for $139. It is sold in pink, mint, black and magenta. I own the mint one so it matches with my Luna 3! 😊

Where can I buy FOREO IRIS?

You can buy FOREO IRIS at Sephora , (P.S there’s a student discount), REVOLVE, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue , Nordstrom, Harrods , NET A PORTER and Ulta Beauty!

Plenty of options for you to purchase and you shouldn’t have to worry about shipping for most retailers.

My FOREO Iris Review


  • Rechargable (lasts up to 60 uses) no batteries needed
  • Easy to use, there’s nothing complicated about it.
  • Next-level tech! Unique product not really anything like it on the market
  • Not painful, very gentle with adjustable intensities
  • Don’t have to have your phone to use it
  • Comes with drawstring bag for storage
  • Nice color options


  • Sound may be bothersome for some people
  • Button isn’t the best you have to press it hard to switch modes and turn off

There aren’t a lot of eye massagers on the market that are battery operated like this so I think it’s really nice to bring your skin to the next level. It definitely feels good and I feel like it’s more precise for the eye area as opposed to the Luna 3 massage. However, for its price I only recommend it for people who are willing to make a serious commitment to the product. The product is recommended to be used both morning and evening. So if you are a skincare junkie like me who will take those two minutes out of their day to prevent aging down the road then go for it!

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a dedicated skincare routine and is still new to this stuff then perhaps you should wait until you have your skincare routine figured out. If you’re not ready to make the big commitment to this type of massaging tool yet, then definitely try the Luna 3! This is more expensive than IRIS but you will absolutely love the facial cleansing mode and it comes with an eye massage mode: Eyes on the Prize (watch here). This will also help you get a feel of FOREO products.

I hope you darlings liked this! Let me know what your own FOREO Iris Review in the comments!

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