First Full Leg Wax Experience

Ah waxing! To some it’s a relief while to others it sounds like a horror movie. Well let me share with you my experience with waxing! So before we start I will give you a little background history of my legs and waxing. I started shaving them around a year ago because I never really had hairy legs but then my hair suddenly shot up. So shaving was cool but then I started using the flawless electric shaver which made things easy. But either way shaving doesn’t keep your legs smooth and doesn’t last very long which is annoying. I used to go for underarm waxing before but I stopped doing that after I moved away from India. So this summer when I visited India I got a full leg wax and underarm wax with chocolate!

Now I usually get a normal wax when I go to the salon, but all my friends told me they always get chocolate wax so I decided to give it a try! Now I didn’t really look at the wax while she was putting it on cause I was scared but it definitely resembled chocolate and smelled like it too. I think the texture of it also was quite helpful for the wax. In terms of pain it felt less painful than a regular wax but then again it’s been two years since I have been waxed.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say for a full leg wax. It’s September right now so it’s been about a month since I have been waxed. My legs are definitely super smooth and have barely any hair on them. And there really wasn’t much follow up I had to do for my legs. I really recommend waxing to anyone who has the opportunity to go to a good salon near them that is affordable and they can know and trust. Also make sure you have the pain tolerance for it, it’s basically like ripping a big bandaid but it’s worth it so you don’t have to shave regularly. Hope you guys liked this article and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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