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Credo Beauty Boston

Disclosure: This blog post contains paid links. This means I was paid to include these links. As for you, you get special deals on stuff I love! Happy shopping! 😊

This summer I visited Credo Beauty in Boston. They have a store on Newbury Street where I did some shopping in.


I went on a clean beauty shopping haul at Credo Beauty. This was my first time shopping here and I had so much fun! It’s a small boutique like store so super cute and they have some brands that aren’t at other retailers. #cleanbeautyhaul #beautyhaul #credobeauty #youthforiablush #youthforia #tower28beauty #livetinted

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What is Credo Beauty?

Credo Beauty is a beauty retailer that only sells clean beauty products. It’s kind of like a specialized Ulta or Sephora. You might even find some brands here that are sold at Sephora or Ulta. But there are also many brands that aren’t sold at those retailers.

Credo Beauty Standards

Since clean beauty is a broad term you might be wondering what Credo Beauty counts as clean. They have an entire list of ingredients called the Dirty List which they make sure products exclude. Since this is what makes Credo unique they take the standards very seriously.

Is Credo Beauty Cruelty-Free?

Credo takes cruelty-free very seriously so all products at Credo are cruelty-free. You won’t have to check for this when shopping at Credo.

Credo Beauty Recycling

Credo has a recycling program where they have partnered with Pact bin. You can bring in your cosmetics products and get them recycled at the store. In exchange, you will receive points that you can use to redeem for mini products.

Credo Beauty Brands

One of the brands I found that is currently only sold at Credo is Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road. You can also buy it on the Jones Road website but Credo is the only retailer that sells it now. I visited Credo thinking I would buy something from the brand but I ended up trying out other stuff. Previously, I interviewed beauty founders about building a company for a project I was working on. Two of these founders have their products sold at Credo now. Sandra Velasquez is the founder of a Latina body care brand called Nopalera. And Lindsay McCormick is the founder of a sustainable oral care brand called Bite Toothpaste. You can check out all the brands they have here.

Nopalera on display at Credo Beauty Boston

My haul

Youthforia was currently only being sold at Credo but now is at Ulta too. I bought the Youthforia Color-changing blush since I saw this all over TikTok and wanted to try it out. The product looks green but it changes color when you put it on your face. It reminded me of the Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince Green Lipstick. I thought this was a nice blush since it’s perfect for creating natural makeup looks.

Live Tinted is sold at both Credo and Ulta but since I was at Credo I decided to give their Hueglow a try. I did end up returning it to Credo since Ulta had a deal on it the following week. I got the shade Dusk which is an illuminating bronze color. This is a multitasking product since it can be used as a highlighter or for an all-over glow. I like using this all over my face so I recommend using this before your foundation or mixing it in with your foundation. You could wear this alone too but I like something with more coverage so I wouldn’t wear this alone.

Shaz & Kiks is also a newer brand like Youthforia but I discovered them when looking for ayurvedic Indian brands. They have Indian ayurvedic haircare products and they’re only sold at Credo plus some other places. I bought the Back to Your Roots Prewash for thick hair. And I bought this when I went back to return the Hueglow. The Credo employee shared that she had training with their products and was using either the shampoo or conditioner. (Can’t remember which one!) And she liked them so I decided to try the mask. It also has a ton of beneficial ayurvedic ingredients. The product is easy to work through the hair and the smell instantly reminds me of India. The texture and consistency of this product is so satisfying to use!

Tower 28 SunnyDays is the tinted moisturizer I bought and I have sampled this before so I knew I liked the product.

So what do I think?

I think Credo is a fun place to shop but it’s only available in major cities and it is a bit pricier than most makeup stores. I recommend Credo to someone who has a standard makeup routine and is willing to splurge a little for high-quality products.