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I Tried BoxyCharm for the First Time- Review

I don’t know how many of you know this but I’m a makeup addict! I may not wear makeup everyday but the only things you will ever come across on my Instagram feed is makeup! So today I’m going to be trying out the subscription box for makeup and skincare from Boxycharm!

Now there are several makeup subscription boxes out there like Ipsy, Birchbox, Sephora Play and Allure Beauty Box. The things with these boxes is they all include skincare with their makeup and although I’m an avid skincare lover but this is not something I want in my box because skincare products is risky business for my skin. One of the things I liked about BoxyCharm is they let me opt out of skincare items and choose only makeup. [This did not end up happening I don’t know why their quiz was designed like that]

Price$25 + Tax
ClaimUp to $125 value 5 full size products
Order DateJanuary 24th
Received DateFebruary 5th
Total Number Of Items5 + Bonus Item

What convinced me to try out BoxyCharm this month was 15% off from my Bank of America Rewards and a bonus Violet Voss palette! Compared to the other beauty boxes I mentioned BoxyCharm seems to be the most expensive however the other beauty boxes don’t seem to be giving full size products. I chose the most basic plan for my BoxyCharm.

The Process

  1. I paid for my BoxyCharm by choosing the monthly subscription of $25 plus tax.
  2. I took a quiz on my preferences about what products I like.
  3. My Boxycharm was made and shipped

This Month’s Collection

This image shows the January 2020 Boxycharm Products

What’s in my BoxyCharm!

  • Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter in shade Fancy Pink Diamond- $36 This item has been ranked #22 in Highlighters on Influenster and is sold at both Sephora and Ulta.
  • Dr Brandt 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream has 4.3 stars on Influenster out of 83 reviews and is sold at both Sephora and Ulta. – $55
  • Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Gommage this is sold at Ulta and retails for $26 but my Boxycharm says it retails for $28. Influenster gives it 4.5 stars out of 36 reviews.
  • Avant Skincare 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask retails for $107 and is not sold at Sephora or Ulta you have to buy it from the brand itself.
  • Grande Cosmetics GrandaDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara retails for $25 and is sold at both Sephora and Ulta. Do note that Sephora only sells it online.
  • Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette this palette is $29 and is not sold at Sephora or Ulta and is only sold on This item wasn’t exactly a part of the box as it was a bonus item.

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My BoxyCharm Review


The Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette is gonna be great! I think it’s exciting to have a makeup item that isn’t sold at a Sephora or Ulta and I have had a good experience with the Violet Voss Berry Burst Palette so I’m definitely looking forward to this! The Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter is a product which I bought for a friend and she absolutely loves this highlighter so I know this is gonna be great! And this is my first Too Faced product that I officially own so yay me! As for the Grande Cosmetics Mascara I have never used any products from them but I have heard of the brand so I’m looking forward to it. This product is officially the biggest tube of mascara I have ever owned.


I was not expecting to find skincare items in my box I thought by answering I want more makeup items I wouldn’t get any skincare items but unfortunately I did. I guess there aren’t any subscriptions out there that do only makeup. These skincare products don’t seem to be bad but they are definitely all brands I have never heard of. I don’t plan on using these skincare items so I will try to sell them online. Honestly if these were more well known skincare products I would have given them a try but since they weren’t I didn’t want to bother trying them out because you never know how your skin can react to certain things. I would have really loved getting the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask.

Is BoxyCharm Worth It?

In terms of value this box was definitely worth it! All the items I enjoyed were worth $90! So I saved $65 with Boxycharm. The total value of this box was $278! I don’t know how they pull off so much value at a low price but they certainly do a good job at it. If you have people you know that would love to take the products you don’t want or if you’re good at selling those products then this box is totally worth it! I’m going to try my luck at selling those skincare items I got!

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I will ever subscribe again. I didn’t have a bad experience with them but the products I got just weren’t really for me. The skincare products are not something I want and I am still trying to sell them on Poshmark. As for the makeup, I do like the products but I don’t use them very often. I think it’s better to spend the $25 on makeup I would really use rather than wasting it on products I will use occasionally.

Overall I wish the experience had been more customized. I was expecting to find lip products in my box but I didn’t see that at all. Honestly I don’t feel like they took into account my preferences from that quiz at all. To keep me hooked onto this I would need to be a successful seller at the items I dislike in skincare or get all makeup items!

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