Buying items at the Body Shop

Hello, Darlings! Here’s my Body Shop review! So my journey with the Body Shop I was aware of this brand 6 years ago when I moved to India in 2013 and saw it in the mall, however, I didn’t shop with them until 2018 when I bought their tea tree oil toner for my birthday!

So when I first came across The Body Shop, I assumed it would be just like Bath and Body Works. But it’s actually not!

What I enjoy about the Body Shop!

  • Variety of Items: Lots of stuff to try out!
  • Series of Items: There’s the tea tree line, ginger line and more
  • More straightforward scents as its nature inspired
  • Lots of good skincare stuff!
  • $10 for my birthday πŸŽ‚ gift!
  • Travel Size items! For on the go!
  • Smaller store, not too compact and people are more available to help you out.

Some of my favorite products from The Body Shop are the Tea Tree Oil Cleanser and Toner. Those are things I purchase regularly. The items I bought in the picture above was new stuff I was trying out. I also use their eye makeup remover too! Let me know in the comments if you shop at Body Shop and what are some of your favorite products!

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