6 Beauty Investments You Need NOW

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. This means I make a commission from your purchases when clicking my links. If you use them, I can buy more items to share with you guys! Please note that I only recommend things that I personally love! As for you, there is no higher price or charge for using my links! Any partnerships shared with brand will be disclosed in blog post if existing. Happy shopping! 😊

What should you splurge on when it comes to the Beauty World and is it really worth it? Here’s my suggestions for Beauty Tool Investments!

Microfiber Towel: Microfiber is good for your hair. It will save it from being less frizzy. So to save your hair and get those frizz-free days invest in a micro fiber towel.

FOREO Luna 3: I love this guy so much and I recommend it for everyone! Facial cleansing devices are great for getting that deeper cleanse into your skincare routine. The Luna 3 does not have any need for parts that need to be replaced overtime and it’s rechargeable! This is the ultimate investment! You will be using this when you wash your face everyday! And when you’re feeling a little extra you can use the massage option too! You can read more about the Luna here.

Silk/Satin Pillowcase: So I was trying to buy a Silk Pillowcase on Amazon but I accidentally bought a satin. However, I still completely recommend buying a silk pillowcase. I really don’t see how you can ruin a pillowcase (unless you got something in your hair!) so this investment should be great since well we sleep everyday right! Silk is really good for your hair and skin. And it’s so soft and comfy! It just makes sleeping so much nicer and is so hard to resist.

Cosmetic Headband: Do you every get hair on your face from those little flyaways and bangs? Well your cosmetic headband is to the rescue! Basically when you’re washing your face or putting on a face mask, you want all the hair off your face so the product doesn’t get in to your hair. This investment is the cheapest of them all so go ahead and go get one!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller: I bought this for my 18th Birthday after watching celebrities on YouTube’s Go To Bed With Me Series on Harper’s BAZAAR like Devin Brugman. The facial roller has a nice cooling effect to it and really makes me feel like I have worked the product into my skin.

Makeup Brushes: Call me crazy but I think it’s more important to spend money on your brushes than your makeup. Makeup is open to lots of different products but you’re really only gonna get the best out of those products if you have the right brush that will provide you with the right amount of product pickup. You will see the difference in the bristles and how packed they are and the durability of them when you spend more money. So go ahead and splurge on these! After all what’s a makeup artist without the right brushes?

And those are all the beauty investments I think you should splurge on! Now there’s definitely more important things you can invest in but I chose the items that were special to me and that I feel have really changed me. Plus I also chose items that aren’t frequently talked about. Hoped you liked this post and let me know in the comments what are some beauty items that you like to invest in!