My Bath and Body Works Review

I got inspired to write this post after my friend recently sent me a snap showing me Bath and Body Works in India! So today I thought I would share with you my experience with Bath and Body Works and what I enjoy buying from there!

I first started shopping at Bath and Body Works back in 2012. I was introduced to the brand through my best friend who would gift me hand sanitizers and other small items from here. The main thing that attracted me to the brand was the variety of scents they had and how everything was scented. Scented things felt like a big deal back in 6th grade and I just had to have my hands on them.

valentines day gift with hershey's, hand sanitizer and scent portable from bath and body works
Featured in this picture a portable scent holder and hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, back from when I was in 6th grade I got this as a valentine’s day gift from my best friend.

Bath and Body Works doesn’t sell the items pictured above as they are constantly bringing in new fragrances. The best thing about them is the variety of fragrances they have. There is always something for someone out there so it’s something that everyone can connect to.

Products I Bought

  • Hand Sanitizers: I think Bath and Body Works is most popular for their hand sanitizers and their hand sanitizers are the cutest! Their hand sanitizers are what got me into the brand and I also buy the hand sanitizer holders so I always remember to use the sanitizer when on the go. (Funny Story: We use to play catch with a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer during class. Our physics teacher got mad and confiscated the sanitizer and poured out all of the sanitizer into the trash and tossed the empty bottle into the bin. All of us were literally crying at the loss of the hand sanitizer 😂)
  • Body Lotion: I like how their lotion is really lightweight. These are what I probably have purchased the most from here. In the last few months I have switched to scent-free lotion but overall I have spent so many years with these Bath and Body Work lotions.
  • Hand Cream: I received this as a gift once and I loved it so much I even used it on my face which resulted in my first few pimples back in 6th grade. Not that there’s anything wrong with the product but you really shouldn’t be putting scented stuff on your face!
  • Shower Gel: I personally prefer body wash ove shower gel but the shower gels here are pretty good my sister absolutely loves them! I would definitely use their shower gel over any other brand.
  • Body Scrubs: I don’t use their body scrubs anymore because I have been liking this other body scrub from the Tree Hut but there body scrubs are pretty decent. Doesn’t smell like chemicals and does a decent job exfoliating.
  • Body Cream: I don’t really like the body creams because I’d rather use a body lotion or a body butter. Unless it’s from their aromatherapy line that would be the only time I like using their creams. I really enjoy the Sleep Body Cream from their aromatherapy line.
  • Body Mist: The only body mist I will ever use because perfume is expensive and all other brands have their mists smelling like chemicals or are full of gas once you get to the bottom.
  • Hand Soap: Their hand soaps are SUPER STRONG! Heavily scented hand soaps your hands will never smell bad again! I think this is nice to use every now and then but personally I don’t like the idea of my hands having that strong smell all the time.
  • Body Butter: I like to use this during the winter time. It’s nice and think and it comes in like a circular container so it’s easy to use.

Which Bath and Body Works Scent is the Best?

Generally I’m a person who likes floral stuff so some of my personal favorites which I think are the best scents at Bath and Body Works are Japanese Cherry Blossom and Paris Amour. I feel like these scents have been around nearly forever at Bath and Body Works although Paris Amour is retired but this is definitely something that I have owned a lot of.

Bath and Body Works Coupons and Sales

The best sales I have seen at Bath and Body Works are they Buy 3 Get 3 Free. They do this one rarely as the Buy 3 Get 2 Free is more popular but why settle for less when you can get more! For coupons they often give free travel size items. I have gotten lots of free mini body lotions and shower gels from them. You will get them in the postal mail if you shop there.

That’s all for today darlings! You can also compare this store to similar stores like Lush and The Body Shop! Let me know in the comments what is your favorite scent from Bath and Body Works!

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