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Alternatives to Clarisonic

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Clarisonic! The facial cleansing beauty tool that shined across the beauty industry that started in 2001. Unfortunately, Clarisonic is closing. This means that Clarisonic devices will no longer be sold and neither will their Clarisonic brush heads.

Why is Clarisonic Closing?

L’OREAL has made a decision to end Clarisonic to focus on its core business offerings.

Now as an avid Clarisonic user your first instinct may be to stock up on as much of the Clarisonic brushes and devices as you can but there’s really no point in doing that. There’s only so many brushes and devices you can buy until they sell out and become obsolete. And then you will end up having to find an alternative to your Clarisonic anyways. Or just switch to using your hands to wash your face. So why bother buying them now?

Alternatives to Clarisonic

FOREO is my favorite alternative to the Clarisonic! I was debating on buying a Clarisonic or a FOREO for my facial cleansing and here’s why I picked a FOREO Luna versus a Clarisonic:

  • No need to replace “the brush head” because there is no brush head; thus less maintenance costs and a one time investment
  • Silicone bristles feel more gentle than a Clarisonic. You want to be gentle with your skin!
  • Resistant to bacteria buildup
  • Longer battery power and better charging: I didn’t have to charge my FOREO for about 6 months after purchase. Also it comes with a USB charger so I can use this even if I travel to India without having to worry about a converter.
  • Easy to travel with and store! The FOREO Luna 3 comes with a drawstring bag versus the Clarisonic’s travel case so you can easily store your device in and take it on the go and it’s lightweight and takes less space. It also stands up on its own and doesn’t need a stand like the Clarisonic.

Even one of my favorite skincare YouTuber Hyram Yasbro said on his live video on YouTube this about FOREO Luna: “I think they’re great. I think they’re awesome because one of the challenges with a lot of people who wash their face because I have seen it in so many routines and I’m even guilty of this is that people go in really really hard with their face and the nice thing about silicone facial brushes is that they allow you to kind of be a little more gentle with your skin. I also think it can be really effective for cleansing.” (May 15th 2020)

Top FOREO Luna Products

  • LUNA 3 [$199]: The product that I own and love the most! This product was worth every penny. It works with the app on my phone and not only cleanses but also has four different massage treatments. If you want more in depth detail on the Luna 3 check out this blog post.
  • Luna 3 for Men [$199]: The added benefits of Luna for men is it helps with beard cleansing and stubble to give a smoother finish on the skin.
  • LUNA mini 3 [$159]: This is a smaller version of the Luna 3 which comes with a special feature called Glow Boost. This one is designed for all skin types unlike the Luna 3 where it comes in different colors based on your skin type. Also comes in more colors than Luna 3 but does not have as high of a battery usage. It does not have the massage features like the Luna 3 and it only offers cleansing.
  • LUNA mini 2 [$119]: An older version but award winning version of Luna. In 2017 Luna Mini 2 was awarded Best Beauty Device by ELLE Beauty Awards and Best Beauty Gadget by Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards. However, this does not offer Glow Boost Mode or Find my Luna like Luna Mini 3 does.

There are also other Lunas out there like the Luna, Luna 2, Luna Fofo and Luna Play however the ones I talked about are the most latest and best Lunas out there.

Time to say Goodbye to Clarisonic

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