7 Solutions for Organizing your Beauty Items

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If you’re like me then you probably own a lot of beauty and makeup items! Staying organized can be tough, but once you organize everything your whole collection will look pretty and easy to access. Please note that this post is not sponsored, all these items are things I genuinely like!

1)Spinning Organizer aka Turntable

spinning beauty organizer

This spinning organizer is my favorite of them all! I keep all my skincare products in this little guy and it’s so helpful to just swirl it around and grab what I need. This was really easy to set up when I got it from Amazon (check it out here) and it’s also adjustable so you can customize how large or small you want the sections to be. I don’t really have a certain order for the way things ago but this guy is super helpful!

2)Lipstick Organizer

lipstick organizer

I bought this at Forever 21 but it looks like they don’t sell it anymore. I found this organizer on Amazon that’s similar. (buy here) This is a lipstick holder for 12 pieces of lipstick. It’s not enough for all the lipsticks I own but it definitely good to have at least some of my lipsticks organized to display!

3)Nail Polish Organizer

wired nail polish organizer

As you can see I don’t own a lot of nail polishes yet but hopefully I will grow my collection! Personally, I love this wired organizer because all the other nail polish organizers I have seen were plastic with little section dividers.This one seems better because nail polish bottles come in all different shapes and sizes so this really gives it that freedom! I bought this from Amazon.

4)Lip Gloss Organizer

24 compartment lip gloss organizer

As you can see I clearly don’t use this for lip gloss but it’s great for all sorts of tall makeup items! Concealers, lip liners, mascara, lip colors all fit in here perfectly! This is also from Amazon and has 24 compartments to keep things in. (check it out here).

5)Drawer Organizer

4 piece drawer from the container store

My favorite part of this is how colorful this four drawer organizer is! I got this from The Container Store. On the top drawer I store cotton and any random items, the second drawer I store all cosmetics items, the third drawer is all fourth and the last drawer is just wires and gadgets.

6)Coffee Mug

coffee mug with hair combs and brushes

Not your conventional picture perfect organizer but it definitely does the job and is a fun accent to add to your organizing! I keep all my hair brushes and combs in this Keep Austin Weird coffee mug.

7)Palette Organizer

palette organizer holding several eyeshadow palettes and other makeup palettes

Keep all your eyeshadow palettes organized with this organizer from Amazon. You don’t have to worry about the length or size of the palette. Everything will fit into this guy! (Check it out here)

So that’s my way of organizing my beauty items! Share with me in the comments if you found any good solutions to keep your beauty items organized!

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