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10 Step Night Time Skincare Guide

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Skincare can seem complicated. 10 steps! You must think I’m crazy! I look at skincare as a way to decompress and care for myself. That’s why I’m sharing with you my 10 step skincare guide. This is not the original Korean ten step skincare routine. This is my own rendition of it.

Please note this is my nighttime skincare routine. Mornings are usually crazy and I don’t have as much time for an extensive routine. I do however use sunscreen in the morning. My current sunscreen is Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen with SPF 36.


  1. Take off Makeup: First I use cleansing oil to take off my makeup. Avoid makeup wipes as these won’t take off your makeup quite effectively.
  2. Cleanser and use Cleansing Device: Next I wet my face once more and apply a cleanser for a double cleanse to really get all that makeup off and I go in with my Foreo Luna 3 to cleanse my face.
  3. Exfoliate (as per instructions of exfoliant): Exfoliating is not something you should be doing everyday so make sure you follow the instructions of your product. Currently I have only been exfoliating on Sundays and Thursdays (twice a week).
  4. Toner and Pimple Treatment if needed: If you have any pimples on the rise go ahead and dab on some pimple cream. If not skip this step and take a cotton ball and saturate into your toner and dab across your face.
  5. Eye Cream: Make sure you use your ring finger when you apply your eye cream and be very gentle! It’s recommended that you dab the cream into your skin.
  6. Serum: Next you should apply a serum to your face. Remember with skincare products we always work lightest first so that’s why we use serum before moisturizer.
  7. Moisturizer: Pick out your favorite facial lotion or cream and go ahead and moisturize your face.
  8. Lip Mask: Lip mask is a skincare step that everyone should add to their routine because lip masks are so much more than lip balms and you will never face dry lips again! Apply your favorite lip mask to your lips.
  9. Facial Massage with Rose Quartz Facial Roller: There are also jade facial rollers but I have a rose quartz one. Go ahead and massage your face and neck with the facial roller and take the time to really massage the skin so those products get worked into the skin and you feel relieved!
  10. BONUS Face Mask: I don’t have a set routine for when I use face masks because I like to use them when I want to give my face a little extra TLC. This step is not meant to be the last step of your facial routine but it’s a step you can add towards the beginning of your routine if you wish to add this in. I recommend using sheet masks after cleansing, exfoliating and toning but other masks I usually do before I begin my routine. I dislike washing my face again to take off the face mask after I have cleansed so this is why I mask and then cleanse.

10 Step Skincare Products

My skin type is Normal to Sensitive so please keep in mind that while these products are wonderful for me they may not be suited for your skin. However, it’s always worth a shot you might meet your skin’s BFF.

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