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About Spectacular Girl

Annie is a 19-year-old Boston based fashion and beauty blogger. She enjoys sharing her experiences and passion for makeup, skincare, fashion, nails and more! Her passion for fashion and beauty began in about 2013 just when she entered middle school. Back in middle school Annie used to blog and make videos for fun. She started Spectacular Girl for fun in 2015. In 2019, Annie wished to focus on her passion for Spectacular Girl and worked hard to bring you the amazing content it has today!

My Sizing and Other Info

Height: 5’3″, Waist: 25, Shoe Size: 8, Tops: XS or S (0/2)

Sephora Color IQ: 2Y08, Undertone: Neutral, Skintone: Light-Medium

Skin Type: Normal, Skin Concerns: Mild Acne, Blackheads,

Hair Type: Straight, Thick, Medium Length

Fun Q&A

Q: When did you start painting your nails?

My Kindergarten friend had a birthday party at a nail salon when I was in about third grade so since then I have always been obsessed with nail polish! I started nail art in 6th grade when I was looking for activities to do at my birthday party and came across nail art. Unfortunately when I moved to India in 7th grade I couldn’t paint nails as often because we weren’t allowed to wear nail polish to school! But nevertheless I still paint my nails today!

Q: When did you start doing makeup?

A: I first wore makeup in second grade for my dance recital. In early middle school I used to wear lip colors frequently. I wore makeup to dress up with my friends but it wasn’t until about 8th grade that I really wore makeup out of the house.

Q: When did you start Blogging and YouTube?

A: Technically, I started blogging in about 1st grade! I had a website with Yahoo’s Geocities but Geocities got shut down eventually so I didn’t blog for a long time till about 6th grade. Then in 6th grade I started blogging again and began my YouTube channel with my best friend. It was a gaming channel based on The Sims but we took it down though after I moved to India as it was hard to collaborate long distance!

Q: What does “Fabulously Fabulous” mean?

A: Fabulously Fabulous means being the best of the best that you can be! It’s a phrase I came up with in 6th grade.

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